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jeopardises the entire project.
Thank you.
What are you thinking about?
Budach, who's sitting in some cell,
over in the Tower of wherever,
in chains and humiliated.
- And why are you thinking about him?
- There's so much misery in this world.
Only every now and then
does a light illuminate this darkness,
when a singer is singing a song
or a scholar is exploring the truth.
We must not allow this light
to be extinguished.
You have to sleep now.
Nothing is worse than ignorance,
the lack of ideas, indifference.
Carry on.
Few people who live in misery
are responsible for their plight.
When you are king,
you will be responsible for them.
They will put their trust in you,
and you will have to trust them.
We need people who think.
When I become king,
I'll chop off Reba's head.
And then someone will kill you, and there'll
never be an end to the murdering.
You will be my First Minister,
and it will be your job to protect me.
I don't know
if I'll always be able to be with you.
The king is dead. Budach poisoned him.
We must at least save the prince.
- You have to hide.
- I'll stay and fight at your side.
Do as I tell you. Hurry up.
Open the door at once.
Get out.
Get out, you rabble, or you'll be sorry.
You're under arrest.
Surrender. Throw away your weapons.
- Come and get them yourself.
- Die, you devil.
Seize him.
I'll chop off your hands.
Now we've got him.
- Strangle the bastard.
- No, he should be interrogated.
He's coming round.
- What are they going to do with him?
- He's giving him something to drink.
- What is it?
- Conduct a spectral analysis of the liquid.
Did you like it?
It's the same poison that killed the king.
Do you think you can walk again,
or will you have to be carried?
Hey, grandma.
Tell me, grandma,
have they killed everyone?
Spawn of hell.
Surrender, disguised figures. Come here.
Cowardly rabble.
Come on.
Look who's here.
Our dearest enemy, the nobleman Rumata.
What do you think we should do with you?
The prince has escaped us because of you.
Hang him. We must hang him at once.
- What do you think?
- I don't really care,
but generally, only the rabble is hanged.
He is a descendant of an old family
and also an important Irukanian spy.
He is an Irukanian spy, isn't he?
Oh, and a Soan spy on top of that.
- I wouldn't hang him.
- We'll burn him.
- Is that all right with you?
- Yes, that's fine.
Guards, take him to the stake.
What are you doing?
You're supposed to take Rumata, not me.
Treachery! You have tricked me.
My grey soldiers will pay you back for this.
You wouldn't be deceived so easily,
would you?
Rumata of Estoria, from the family
of Estoria, grew up at his father's castle.
Left Estoria at the age of 22.
Why did you leave your country?
- The circumstances forced me to leave.
- What circumstances?
- I killed a royal in a duel.
- Whom?
- Young Prince Ekin.
- What was the reason for the duel?
- A woman.
- And what was this woman's name?
- Dorana.
- I hadn't expected you to answer.
- Thank you, Rumata of Estoria.
- You're welcome. If it helps.
But perhaps you're not Rumata.
Perhaps you're not even from Estoria.
Do you know who this used to be?
I'm sure you'll tell me. You are not Rumata
of Estoria. My emissaries opened his coffin.
This is all that's left of his...
not exactly unstained life.
I would like to know who you are.
They call me Rumata of Estoria.
I'm not used to anyone doubting this.
If you don't tell your monks
to disappear from behind the curtains,
something bad will happen to you.
You don't know who you're dealing with.
I can squash you like a leech. These
children of God punish every act of infidelity.
They are under my command. They have
recognised the signs that God has sent me.
- In the name of the Lord.
- In his name.
- I am pious Reba, God's supreme minister.
- You're a dirty swindler.
If anything happens to Budach,

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