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Трудно быть богом

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Get out!
What have they done to me?
I've been maltreated.
Don't you have any respect for your king?
Get out! Get out, all of you!
I don't want to see you any more. Get out!
- He wasn't real. Real doctors aren't afraid.
- You're right. I believe that too.
No, let me live. Don't hit me.
I didn't know anything about this.
- I didn't know...
- I trust you, so I'm going to ask you a favour.
- Would you stand guard over me tonight?
- You have my promise.
If my father gets very ill, he won't be able
to protect me from Reba any more.
The one on the horse is Zupik.
A whole army against a handful of peasants.
- He's luring them into a trap.
- Follow them. Destroy them.
Look at that.
They're surrounding them from all sides.
- He's learned fast.
- The peasants are fighting for a cause.
The peasants are winning. Yes!
Hey, look. What's this?
These are martial monks
from the swamp areas of Soan.
They're advancing toward Arkanar.
I don't think they would be going there,
unless someone has called them.
Reba probably wants
to get rid of the Greys with their help.
God, look at your people.
Open your second eye over Arkanar again.
We will wipe out the sinners who insult you,
so you will look at us again.
Punished are the dastardly
who deny your glory.
Lord, preserve us.
They're waiting for God
to open his second eye.
- He hasn't opened it yet.
- No, he hasn't.
Do you think he ever will?
Yes, one day.
When that day comes, I'll have to leave.
Where will you go?
Do you see that star up there?
The little one there,
over the Three Siblings?
The Earth, where I was born,
is very close to that star.
Do you believe me?
I always believe you.
Uno, why are you so afraid?
I don't know, I've prayed three times tonight.
What more can I do?
Go to sleep. Nothing will happen to you.
Please don't go tonight.
I'd like to stay,
but I must return to the castle. I promised.
Don't worry about me.
Does this happen on your star too?
Do people kill each other?
No, they haven't done so for a long time.
And no one suffers deprivation?
- And no one cries any more?
- No one cries.
Anka is crying.
She's crying.
- Anka, would you like to rest?
- No, I'm all right.
- I have a feeling that we're not alone.
- That's possible.
Whatever happens, I will never leave you.
I'll close my eyes now,
so no one can see us any more.
He's trying to trick us. Give me
an exterior camera on A 47. I'll sort this out.
- Shall I switch over?
- To automatic.
- Automatic is activated.
- He won't get rid of us that easily.
- How did you do this?
- Heat-photography.
The hotter he gets, the better we see him.
- You're a horrible bunch of people.
- Anka, calm down.
- Anka!
- What's wrong with her?
Leave her, she's exhausted.
She'd better get some rest.
- Why did she cry?
- She's worried about Anton.
He's becoming one of them.
He's capable of anything now.
We learned to control our emotions.
That doesn't seem to work any more.
No one can keep watching people
eating bloody meat and killing each other
without being influenced.
That would mean that not only Anton
is changing, but we are too.
- A bizarre theory. Just because she cried.
- Coffee?
- Perhaps we will roast a pig up here soon.
- Nonsense. Anka cried.
That's never happened here before.
She cried because something is happening
that we cannot comprehend.
Yes. She has rediscovered something
which we lost long ago.
Attention, a call from Earth.
I have been watching with concern how
certain forms of intolerance and aggression
have been spreading
among the crew of the space station.
We have had to fetch back
some of your colleagues
because they let themselves
be led by emotions
which we believed
we had long since overcome.
For others, it was too late.
They died through their own fault.
I would like to ask you,
as members of the institute,
to make sure that this alarming development
does not get out of hand
Трудно быть богом Трудно быть богом

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