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you know encoded on a piece of plastic CDROM
and you bring it home and read a manual install this thing
you must be kidding you know,
put the stuff on the net
it's bits, don't put bits in cardboard,
cardboard in trucks, trucks to stores,
me go to the store, you know,
pick the stuff out, it's insane.
OK I love the Internet,
I want information you know it flows across the wire.
So, the way ahead is wired,
Larry, Bill, everybody agrees on that.
And we have the nerds of the seventies
to thank for making it possible,
whether the PC itself survives or not.
As we take up their challenge, it's worth finding out
how these pioneers made out.
Steve Jobs sold all his Apple stock
in disgust when he was fired,
but has made another fortune from
his stake in a movie animation studio.
He has no doubts about
his contribution to humanity.
If you talk to people that use
the Macintosh they love it
but you don't hear people loving products
very often you know really,
but you could feel it in there,
there was something really wonderful there.
Apple, the company Jobs took from a garage
to the Fortune 500 is in trouble.
It is now a fading force in the PC marketplace.
Apple's other millionaire founder Steve Wozniak,
spends much of his time teaching
computing to 11 and 12 year olds.
IBM created the mass market for the PC
but no longer sets industry standards.
And most of the guys who built
IBM's first PC have left Big Blue.
And Ed Roberts who built the Altair,
the very first PC,
he turned his back on computing
and returned to his first love, medicine.
Funny, isn't how things turn out?
After all the first PC revolution
caught us all pretty much by surprise.
Even Microsoft with 2000 millionaires
and at least two billionaires
never expected to be as successful
as they are today.
Cringely's universal law says,
Society takes 30 years to adopt new technology
into daily life, the phone, movies.
Even television took that long before
our rear ends became couch-shaped.
So far the PC has had 20 years.
So what comes next? Well, I'm off to find out.
See you in ten years!
Subtitles by [*** (V)r . |)  U    |2  E    ||  E ***]
from PBS transcripts,
Inspired by fabiusX
from part I and II

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