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It was a Texas stamp they issued,
and they issued a sheet
that told about the background
of Texas and all that.
I ordered it
from the post office
and framed it for him
since he's from Texas.
Spiner: I don't get
much stuff anymore
because I've sort of let it be known
when I've done conventions and stuff
that it wasn't necessary and it wasn't
really a good idea because--
that the people should be spending
their money on me, you know? Ha ha!
I mean, I tried
to express that we do OK
and that they should really,
you know, save their money.
Woman: It's not about the money.
It gives me a good feeling.
I like to do that
for my friends, too.
If I can find
something unusual--
I like to get unusual gifts
for people.
After I'd lived here
about a year
and I found out
where Brent lived,
I realized I could just see--
I can't see his house,
but I can see the hill--
the top of the hill
that he lives at the bottom of
from the balcony,
and so when I'm stressed out,
I come out here sometimes
and just sit out here for a few minutes
to take what I call
a "Brent break"
and just kind of gaze
off in that direction
and daydream
for a little while.
Crosby: What are some
of your favorite things
that you like to do
at conventions?
Ever heard of filking?
No. Tell me what that is.
folk singing.
Uh, could you explain that?
Well, actually
I could give you an example.
Uh, episode of the original series
called "Space Seed,"
which was the launching
for the second movie,
The Wrath Of Khan.
There is a song.
The song is called Vow of Vengeance.
It's Khan's vow.
Let's-- Let's see.
& The summer sunlight &
& The howling at night &
& The blood of friends spilled &
& On the sand &
& I'll meet some quick death &
& She breathes her last breath &
& And dies as I cling to her hand &
& Mere mortals you be &
& The truth you can see &
& You think you have right but-- &
And you-- Wait, wait.
It's been a while
since I've sung it.
& You think-- &
An alliance
with the Borg?
More like an exchange.
If we teach the Borg how
to modify their own nanoprobes,
they'd have a blueprint to create
a weapon to fight the aliens.
When I am asked to go
to a hospital,
it's a specific boy,
and he's not going to be there
the next time I go
to that hospital,
and it means a great deal to him
that I be honest with him
in that hour that we share
together, you know?
That can change your life.
There's a woman
who's almost totally paralyzed,
and she was able
to just kind of
with the help
of an interpreter say,
"For the hour
that you are on"--
meaning Star Trek is on--
"l forget the body
that I am imprisoned in."
I got a fan letter
from a young lady.
It was a suicide note.
So l, uh-- I called her.
I said,
"Hey, this is Jimmy Doohan--
Scotty of Star Trek."
I said, "I'm doing
a convention in lndianapolis.
I want to see you there."
I saw her.
Boy, I'm telling you--blah.
I couldn't believe what I saw.
That was--
She was definitely suicidal.
You know...
somebody had to help her
somehow, you know,
and obviously
she wasn't going
to the right people,
you know.
Anyhow, I said to her--
I said, "I'm doing a convention
two weeks from now in St. Louis,
and two weeks from then
in something," you know,
and then eventually--
she also came to New York.
She was able to afford
to go to these places
and everything else, so, uh...
And then that went on
for 2 or 3 years...
maybe 18 times...
and all I did was talk
positive things to her,
and then all of a sudden--
Pfft! Nothing.
I didn't hear anything,
and I had no idea
what was happening to her
because I really never saved
her address, right?
8 years later,
I get a letter...
saying, "l do want
to thank you so much
for what you did for me
because I just got
my master's degree
in electronic engineering."
You know, that's...
to me, the best thing
I've ever

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