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fun to come to work.
Yeah. It's different
to come to work.
You don't know what's
going to be around.
They bring something different
in all the time.
Every morning you come in,
you wonder, "Well, what's
going to be on these walls
that wasn't here before?"
The uniform
I wouldn't do at first.
I told them no.
That wasn't possible for me.
Crosby: And you just--
How long did you hold out?
Uh, about--
Almost a year.
Almost a year before I was--
I was the last one to put it on.
What made you finally turn the corner?
He told me I had to.
She cried a few times.
He told me I had to.
We actually dress up
like this at home,
and we take turns being different
characters, and it helps our, um...
- Relationship. Yeah.
- Yeah, it does.
-Always going out with different people.
-Crosby: Really?
Yeah. I haven't done you yet
because I'm not tall enough,
so he usually puts a wig on.
He has to portray you.
And then I have to
be Data or Quark.
Yeah, Quark.
Sometimes Quark.
Crosby: And how do
the patients respond?
Most of them like it.
I think the Star Trek theme
in the dentist's office is great.
It takes your mind off
where you really are.
It's not like any other
dentist office I've ever been in,
that's for sure.
Denis: Most people,
even if they don't like Star Trek,
Iike the idea of it.
I've only had one person
who didn't like the idea,
but he wasn't happy about his bill
in the first place, so...
Denis: Good afternoon, Preston.
How you doing?
Hey, Denis. How are you?
Good to see you.
Come on back.
Let's go ahead
and get you going here.
Go ahead
and take a look here.
Number two, occlusal lingual.
Number 3 crown.
Denis, Voice-Over:
Shelley and I started in another office
at about the same time,
and Shelley started
as the front-desk receptionist.
After about a while,
she liked dentistry so much,
she decided she wanted
to maybe assist,
so I brought her back,
and I taught her to assist,
and, uh...we worked
very well together,
so we decided to make it
a bond for life,
and we're together now forever.
I'm dressed as a NASA astronaut
that was actually killed
that they investigated
the death of
in an episode called
"The Royale"
of The Next Generation--
Um, at least, that was
the original idea,
and then I kind of
moved on. Ha ha!
Kind of character-developed it
a little bit.
Instead of it being him,
it's his wife.
Ha ha ha!
So what is your interest
in Star Trek?
Mainly Brent--
Brent Spiner--
Lieutenant Commander Data
on The Next Generation,
as you well know.
Ha ha!
Yes, I know him well.
Now, you guys call yourself...
Spiner femmes.
- Spiner femmes.
- Yes.
Spiner femmes?
I like that.
It's good, isn't it?
Spiner femmes.
I think there's a series in that.
This is my Brent page.
When I find out
that somebody else
has discovered Brent
through my web page,
I feel really good about it.
I feel-- Yeah, it's another fan here.
Let other people outside
of the Star Trek universe
know who he is.
He's not just Data.
This is where I keep--
right down here--
I keep...
all the important
Got the videos,
T-shirts, mugs--
the important stuff.
If there's an earthquake, a fire,
I want this stuff to be intact.
This is my photo album.
These are more convention photos
and more convention photos
and even more convention
photos and...
Ha ha ha! It goes on for days.
These ones--
I always put them in
so they're all facing
the same order.
Once I get through with these,
then it switches to ones
this way.
Saves having to turn the photo album
every two minutes.
Palm Springs convention.
This is actually--
I took over 100 pictures
at the Palm Springs convention,
and when I got them back,
I took a picture
of all the pictures I took.
A lot of these are enlargements
of convention photos.
I had a calendar made up one year
for a couple of friends
for Christmas presents.
That's my back right there.
I gave him--

- ...

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