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and the blind man is the one
that's flying this ship.
I watched the original series
with my mother and brother
when I was a kid,
and I enjoyed it.
At this point, I enjoy
his enthusiasm more.
I enjoy the shows, I enjoy
the conventions, I like dressing up,
I love dressing her up,
but I enjoy his fanaticism.
It's contagious.
Crosby: And what makes you
a fanatic as opposed to a fan?
I think the fact that
I'm so much into it.
I do a lot of collecting.
I relate to so much of it.
I know a lot about it.
It's more than just a casual
"l enjoy the show, I enjoy the concept."
I'm really into it.
This is the Trek room.
This is, you know, my room.
I can design it
the way I want.
I can put what I want in it.
Woman: Although you do notice
it's spilling out
into the other areas
of the house.
Y es.
This is the bathroom,
and we've carried
the Trek theme in here.
We have our Starfleet towel set,
and all of our
Federation blue tile here.
We offset it with these
3 hand-painted Trek tiles--
the planets, the Enterprise,
and one of the enemy.
George Takei: We asked whether
we might visit Cape Canaveral,
Nichelle and l, and we peered
in one of the portholes,
and there were astronauts
working in that.
They turned around and looked,
and they recognized our
two faces peering in at them,
and you should have
seen their eyes light up.
And they came scrambling
out of that place,
and the first thing they did was ask us,
"Can we have your autographs, please?"
We went there
to get their autographs,
and they in turn
were asking us for ours.
Buzz Aldrin: Star Trek
came along at a time
when I think the public
was really kind of hungry
for that sort of adventure,
and it went a long ways toward
stimulating a lot of interest
into the space program.
Star Trek is a cultural icon,
and it's part of the lexicon now.
As a psychotherapist, I have
Star Trek stuff in my office,
and I use Star Trek metaphors
that everyone understands,
even if they're not a fan.
For example, when I talk about
people having a defensive reaction,
I talk about the shields going up,
and everyone knows what that means,
even if they're not a fan.
The front part of my office-- that is,
the part that the patients see--
is a pretty straightforward
surgical office.
My own private consulting room
is just filled with Star Trek stuff.
I'm Denis Bourguignon.
This is my son Doug,
my wife Shelley,
and my daughter Kayla.
Crosby: We're here
in Orlando, Florida,
at the dental offices
of Dr. Denis Bourguignon.
- Denis: Good morning.
- Good morning. How are you?
- Pleasure to see you.
Welcome to Star Base Dental.
- Good to see you.
Denis, Voice-Over: We originally decided
that we wanted to go with Star Trek
because we find that Star Trek, the
episodes are always geared with a moral.
They're good-doers, and we wanted
to portray dentistry or dentists
as good-doers.
So, um, this is reception.
Denis: Yes. This is reception.
This is where the patients check in.
This is our holodeck
over here on the left.
This is where I do
most of my work.
This is where you get fillings,
crowns, dentures, things like that.
We were just in a sci-fi store
one day, Shelley and l,
and we kind of looked at
each other, and we said, "Hey."
You thinking what I'm thinking?
And we said,
"Let's try it."
[Transporter Sound Effect]
Two weeks later, we just
closed down the office over the weekend,
and we bought up
everything we could find,
and, boom!
We did a Star Base Dental.
As you can see, our transporter
is up in the ceiling over here.
It transports you away from here
while we're working on you.
These are some
nice pieces over here.
These are my cement handprints
of some of the stars.
You're about
James Doohan's size.
Crosby: No, wait.
There's a finger missing!
A gardening accident.
I never knew that.
This is the first theme office
I worked in.
I really like it.
It's neat.

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