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you know, if we opened up
a market on the outside of it.
So we're very guarded.
Everything we keep under lock and key.
John de Lancie
couldn't make it
to this show this weekend
due to professional
We do have an autograph here.
Man: Well, the Q virus
was the most bizarre thing.
John de Lancie, who plays Q, was--
He barely made it to the convention.
He was really sick.
I mean, very ill.
Dizzy, questioning whether
he was going to go onstage,
but he was a real trouper,
and he went up onstage and did his show,
and, you know,
he left his water glass.
And I held up the glass
and I said, "Who would be interested
in purchasing the Q virus?"
And it was kind of a joke, but
the crowd just went absolutely crazy.
They went bonkers for the thing.
So, you know, I went ahead
and auctioned off the glass,
and it went for, I don't know,
40, $60 or something like this.
And a guy bought it, and he
came up, and I said, "Look"--
It was half-full
still of water--
I said, "Look, you really
don't want to drink this.
He's very sick. I mean,
he's very, very ill."
"Oh, no, no. I want to drink it.
I want to drink it."
And he just downed
the whole glass right there,
And he yelled out, "I've got
the Q virus! I've got the Q virus!"
And he planned to spread it
all over the world.
You know, that was his thing.
I was walking down the street
in New Y ork,
and I caught somebody
coming towards me.
He said, "are you Q?"
And I said, "Y eah."
"Can you bring people back
from the dead?"
And I went,
"Uh...only people I like."
And he goes, "Cool."
And walked on.
There was a fan who,
in 1973 in New York,
came up to Jimmy Doohan,
who I was with,
and pulled out a box
that had a hypodermic in it
and asked Jimmy if he could
get a sample of his blood.
A woman...
stood up in one
of the conventions and said,
"What's it feel like
to be beamed?"
20 years later, he was
at a convention in New Y ork,
and the same young man
came up to him with the same box
with the same hypodermic
and said, "Mr. Doohan,
can I get a sample of your blood?"
He was still doing
the same thing 20 years later.
Man: There's one gentleman
who for about, what, 10 years?
Second Man: Almost the whole run.
Almost the whole run of since
the beginning of The Next Generation
has been sending something
in the mail every day to Star Trek.
Every day.
The funny thing is, it has
nothing to do with Star Trek.
He sends us travel brochures,
um...and that's all he sends.
And postcards talking about
where he travels.
Or sometimes, he describes--
Well, look at this one.
We've got a Victoria's Secret
catalog that he sent...
Something about a mission,
a fruit trees
and landscaping catalog,
Caribbean, Hawaii,
Canada, Australia.
He also will sometimes send
postcards talking about
what he had for lunch that day
or what he ate or how many
cups of coffee he drank,
and it's always to Star Trek,
but it's never about Star Trek.
And we always wondered
about this guy.
Who is he? Where is he from?
And why is he sending us these things?
And if you-- Over 10 years, every day,
that's quite a few packages.
Man: OK. Here we go.
Woman: Rolling.
And action, please.
Maybe you didn't read the crew roster,
but my name is Dax, and I'm the new
science officer on this garbage scow,
and you were in my seat.
And cut! Very nice.
LeVar Burton: There was a young man
who was confined to a wheelchair,
and his name was Jordan La Forge.
The young man was given
6 months to a year to live,
and, uh, he attributes
the fact that he lived
for many years after his prognosis
to the fact that he watched Star Trek.
Finally, when he did pass away,
Gene just thought that
having somebody in that place,
you know, as Geordi,
would be a perfect example,
a perfect sort of-- A nice thing
to do in memory of him.
Originally, Geordi
was the pilot of the ship,
so he wanted the pilot to be,
you know, the blind man,


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