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138th birthday.
Now...Now then, every time
I see someone,
they say, you know, "You look
so much younger in person."
The first one that I did, um...
I think was around '72.
Um, I got a call
to come to New Y ork.
They had done
one convention first,
and I think it wasn't
really a convention.
They got together
with about 35 or 40 or 50--
the way I heard the story--
of fans of Star Trek
that just wanted to get together and
talk about the show, which they did.
And they said, "You know,
why don't we put our money together
and rent a hotel ballroom?"
"And talk about
our mutual interest
and show each other
what we have collected so far
in the way of tapes
or paraphernalia or photographs."
If we could get 300 people
to attend,
we could...we could pay for it."
And I thought,
"They're inviting me to New Y ork?
They said they're
willing to pay expenses
and, you know, fly me there
and put me up in a hotel."
I thought,
"These people are foolish."
And, uh...
there was something like,
I think there were around
3,000 or 4,000 people showed up,
and it was absolutely wild then.
They had to call the fire
department into the hotel
to let them in in increments.
Everything came to a dead stop.
It was jam-packed with humanity.
The revolving doors
couldn't revolve.
The escalators refused
to operate anymore.
The elevators stopped working.
And the din out there indicated
it was more than 30 people.
The woman went onstage
and introduced me,
and I stepped out, and the place
exploded in applause.
Kelley: And then they were
hanging out of the balcony.
It was like a bunch
of overaged Beatles for us, you know,
me being there.
Nimoy: There was hardly
a chance to speak
because every word
created a roar.
Every time somebody opened their mouths
to say hello, it created a roar.
A wall of emotional sound hit you.
And we were all
kind of taken aback
and moved and touched by it
because it was this
tremendous affection,
this tremendous affection.
And now there is
a Star Trek convention--
There are Star Trek conventions
somewhere every weekend
all over the world.
Hi there.
Can I have
a schedule, please?
Ah. Majel.
Definitely got to see Majel.
She's onstage right now.
She's on the stage now?
You're going to love it.
It was Gene's story and Gene's script,
and it was Gene's pilot.
What time is the auction?
The auction is 2:20
this afternoon.
Oh, there it is.
OK. This was worn by John Colicos
in which episode?
"Blood Oath."
"Blood Oath."
And this is the Turtle,
as they call it.
Michael Dorn calls it
the Great Turtle.
Turtle head.
There's speed bumps.
Uh, there's, Whoopi Goldberg
says "old lntestine Head."
And, um, the other one I heard
is Rocky Mountains.
That's the latest one.
Here is the opening bid
for this. $500.
[Audience Members Whistle]
$500. We've got a $500 bid,
and it's there to a Klingon.
Man: I'll go 550.
Klingon: 6.
600. 600.
Do I hear 650?
1,000? $1,000!
Klingon: $1,200.
What? 1,200?
1,200. OK.
Klingon: 14.
14. $1,400.
Going once.
$1,400. Going twice.
$1,400...sold at a bargain!
Qapla', man.
I was bidding
on the headpiece,
and the price started
getting up to the point
where I really wasn't interested
in paying that much.
That Klingon
really wanted it.
He really wanted
that headpiece. Y es.
So, how badly
did you want it?
I wouldn't have
left without it.
It's a little bit of history
that I'll preserve.
I collect the items
when I can get them,
and they're wonderful to have.
They're definitely
one-of-a-kind items.
Man: Everything we touch,
whether it be a little piece of hair
or a nose or something small,
there's a whole cult market out there
where a lot of the pieces sell
for hundreds and thousands of dollars.
What we see in these rooms
literally could run into the millions,

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