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sterilize the Enterprise and destroy it.
One of my other projects
is the Romulan cloaking device.
I've started it here,
as you can see.
This is the main
power generator unit.
This is the--the round part here
of the actual cloaking device,
and I think I can modify it just like
they did in "The Enterprise lncident."
I can modify it for use
on a Federation ship.
I mean, I've built
a lot of stuff, you know,
Iike a communicator, phaser.
The best one, the one
that's the coolest,
is the chair that Captain Pike
was in after he was crippled
from radiation burns.
This is Captain Pike's total
life support unit, as you can see.
It encompasses the entire body
except for the head,
and it supports life and takes him
wherever he needs to go.
The beautiful simplicity
of the way it works
is that you can ask him
a yes or no question,
kind of like a binary computer,
and for yes, it's one blink,
and for no, it's two blinks.
So if you ask me any question,
I can just answer with a yes or a...
no, just like that.
It's motorized,
so I drive it around.
I drive it in parades and stuff.
Hi. Is Craig around?
I think he set aside some
stuff for me, some parts--
an H.P. 12-volt unit
and some transistors and a relay.
I talked to Craig
about my Nomad project,
and he, um, he said I could
maybe use the 3.9 ohm resistors
or the 270s.
Do you think I could get away
with it with the 270s?
For my next project, I'm going
to build a dilithium chamber
after I'm done with Nomad,
and I'm going to build
some antigravs, too, after that.
Maybe an M-5 computer.
And I'm going to connect
my house with Jefferies tubes.
I got a lot of projects, like,
down the road to do, to build.
Star Trek, I think, has had
a lot of impact on the future.
I mean, we have
cellular flip phones.
They have nuclear-powered
rocket engines already that will
I'm sure take us to Mars,
and basically, all
science fiction now is true.
Star Trek has always been
a real fun part of my life.
As a matter of fact, it was
one of the big motivators for me
going to the Air Force Academy.
It encouraged me
to go out and study,
and being that Star Trek
took place in space,
it turned my interest towards
things of a space nature,
such as astronomy
and astrophysics.
As a result, I got both my bachelor's
and my master's in astronomy,
and I now work as a data analyst
for the Hubble Space Telescope
Science lnstitute.
I really liked Spock's mind,
his logical mind,
and that pushed me
into a logical field.
Or at least, it helped push me
into a logical field,
which is computer science.
It's unbelievable.
Oh, absolutely.
It has had
such an effect,
just from an educational
angle alone.
Oh, it's--it's affected,
I mean, all of us.
All the actors have
received so much mail.
I get a lot of mail
from parents who tell me,
"We really appreciate
what you did
because you provided a positive
role model for our son."
I very much support the future
that Gene projected
as far as
an elimination of hunger
and elimination of poverty.
I think that Star Trek has
a really, really neat message.
The whole infinite diversity
in infinite combinations
is something that's very
attractive to all of us,
and it's something that I wish
the world would grasp onto
as beautifully as
the Star Trek fans have.
People of all races, religions,
political backgrounds,
sizes, shapes, et cetera,
are all absolutely equal
at a convention,
and nobody is ostracized
because they're different.
I think that attracts
a lot of people
because elsewhere
in their lives,
they don't have
that kind of freedom.
Well, this weekend
was great
because I got to
go to the convention
and pick up some great stuff
at the dealer tables
and meet some of my favorite cast
members from the series
and get their
signature and...
Talking to them,
shaking their hand
is just the most wonderful thing
you can ever imagine.
Well, I also got to meet
a lot

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