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Romulan Star Empire.
My name is Terry Stenoe.
I'm the chief medical officer
on the Nemesis station.
Woman: I thought at first that
I was a little afraid to come
to my first meeting,
But it was just a lot of fun.
But the thing is about
this group is that it is unique.
I think people are really
educated that are in this group.
They know a lot about science,
they know a lot about
what's going on in the world,
and it's neat
to be with people like that.
I think it's really fun
because you can--
because it's the only place
that I can think of
that you can goof off,
and grownups goof off
the same way
and about the same
Are you a Trekkie?
How do you say "Trekkie"?
Lengwi' is a Trekkie.
Lengwi' jih
means "I'm a Trekkie."
"I'm a traveler" is really
what that means, but close enough.
Are you a Trekkie?
Yeah, I'd say I am.
I am a Trekkie.
Not card-carrying.
I'm not the kind that wears
uniforms all the time.
He is a card-carrying Trekkie.
He has a credit card
that says Star Trek on it.
At times, I'm a Trekkie,
and other times, I'm a Trekker.
Every serious fan
considers themself a Trekker.
Trekkie versus Trekker.
I don't even know
what that is.
It's a generational-type thing.
The Trekkie is the-- either saw
old Star Trek when it first came out
or started in with the reruns
early in the seventies.
The Trekker is primarily someone who
started in with Next Generation or lV.
Trekkers seem to be,
like, snobs.
"I'm not a Trekkie,
I'm a Trekker."
"Trekker" sounds a little pretentious,
but at least it's preferable.
A Trekker is, in fact,
a star-trekker.
They are walking with us, right?
The Trekker is motivated.
The Trekker is in motion.
The Trekkie is a sort of
neutral, benign, harmless viewer
who just wants to watch.
I am a Trekkie.
Actually, we're called Trekkens,
but, yeah, I am a Trekkie.
Are we going to take a trek?
We're not a couple
of Trekkies, right?
Then we're watching the trek.
But the Trekker, then,
is coming with us.
Denis: A Trekker is
somebody who enjoys Star Trek.
They probably have
a small collection at home.
They're really into it,
they go to Star Trek conventions,
and sometimes they'll dress up
and things like that.
A Trekkie, they live their life
according to Star Trek laws.
I myself prefer "Trekker,"
but I'm not quite
as adamant about it
as some of the other
fans out there.
I don't really like
the Trekkie/Trekker labels
because there's so much negative
connotations associated with that.
You say, "I'm a Trekker,"
and then people just start making
all the rude comments, et cetera,
so I'd rather be known
as a Spiner femme.
I usually just refer to myself
as a Star Trek fan
and just forget about this whole
Trekkie/Trekker debacle.
I met William Shatner the first time
on the Tonight Show.
I was fortunate enough to get
the name of the casting director,
and I sent her a package
and found out
that within a couple weeks
after I sent that package
that he was due to be a guest.
They wanted me to come on
and do a quick spot with him,
which we did,
and it was great fun.
he was a perfect
gentleman to me.
My name is James Kirk.
I changed my name because
ever since I was little,
I always wanted to change my name to
something I would enjoy, I would like,
something more befitting
my character.
I've had a lot of ridicule,
but I've had a lot of positive.
A lot of people go, "l wish I had
the guts to do something like that
or change it to something
I would be pleased with."
I go, "You can. You can do
anything you want in life."
I am with the starship Riverside
from Riverside, lowa.
It's a small town that's become
famous because in the movies,
Kirk actually
says he's from lowa.
About approximately
12 years ago,
Riverside proclaimed the right
to be the future birthplace
of Captain James T. Kirk,
and so far, it's been a big boon
to the town.
We have our Star Trek fest
the last

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