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she ties up Ensign Kim
and beats Tuvok
with a riding crop.
That was rather interesting.
A fan made this.
He sculpted out of
an X-Men figure, repainted it--
complete with a whip,
cat-o'-nine-tails, handcuffs.
Man: Another fan wrote
a Klingon sex manual.
"There's no such thing
as safe sex in Klingon,
how to tell if your daughter
is seeing a Klingon,
meeting your Klingon,
initiating the mating ritual."
Worf and I went up,
and I pushed him,
he pushed me back.
We started wrestling.
And it's understood that
that is part of the Klingon culture.
The female pushing a man
or slapping a man is considered like,
"Hey, I want to go out with you.
I find you attractive."
I don't have it with me
anymore-- I threw it away--
but they had made from latex
a Klingon condom.
It was ridged.
It had like big ridges and stuff.
There are now thousands
of K/S zines out there.
It's way too late to stop it.
My name is Daryl Frazetti,
this is Bones,
and we've gone to about a dozen
Star Trek conventions together.
I do that with him
mainly because he enters
the costume contests,
and it's something fun
for both of us to do together.
We have a lot of fun doing it
with the people we meet.
He's got his little med kit
right here--his props.
this is the original
Trek scrub top,
and this is the science insignia
and his DeForest Kelley pin
that he always wears for luck.
We're probably bigger
classic Trek fans
than any of the other shows,
and DeForest Kelley happens
to be our favorite actor.
He will sit there
and watch television.
Some cats will sit there
and watch television.
Some of them actually
even respond to the phasers
or some of the ships
going by on the screen, as well.
We're here for this convention,
and we're old friends
who met because of Star Trek,
and we're having
a 13-year reunion.
First time we've been together--
the 4 of us-- in 13 years.
We're so divergent in personality,
in backgrounds,
in our family styles
and everything,
and yet, we have
this common thread of Star Trek,
which keeps us together.
Remember when-- the first
convention we went to,
we'd forgotten what it was like.
And we were at the convention,
and we were all accepted.
And when we left and we went back home,
we had to act normal again.
I think if there's one thing
in this world
that I will take to my grave
with me forever is the fans.
They are so loving, and they are
so warm, and they are so tender,
and if you go someplace,
like into a convention,
and you don't have
any friends there,
you don't know anybody there,
you really do
because they're all thinking--
somewhere along the line,
they're thinking like you are.
My family thinks
I'm the odd one of the family.
They think I'm totally weird,
but I found this club,
and I found out
I'm not the only one,
so I guess I'm not so weird
after all.
It's really great
to go to a convention,
and it's like a family reunion.
My wife is here,
and she and I met, actually,
in a Star Trek club.
I know a lot of people from around
the state that I would have never met
unless I joined this club.
So it's meeting people.
It's about people.
What we do is we usually
set up a recruiting table
so that we can get new members
to join the organization.
Recruitment happens
every waking moment.
Every time you see one of us
either in uniform
or out on the street,
if our mouth is open and breath
comes forth, we're recruiting.
Woman: We belong to two
international fan clubs--
the United Federation
of Planets lnternational
and the Romulan Star Empire.
I am Linda Thuringer.
I am the captain,
and my Romulan name
is Efa Tilavet,
and I am the commander of the Praetorian
Guard for the Romulan Star Empire.
Steve Menaugh.
I'm the first officer, and my
Romulan name is Menhaltra Laheron,
and I'm the subcommander
of the Praetorian Guard.
I am the security chief
for the Nemesis station,
and I'm also a member


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