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When I first came
into the shop,
I was going around meeting everyone
and getting names,
and I got to Bobby, and they said,
"This is the commander."
Commander, do we have enough
of that 80-pound rich gloss
for Tippen's calendar?
Going to be about 35. OK.
Y eah.
Thank you.
Man: Commander.
Y es? Which job is that?
Woman: When she first came to work here
and I called her "girlfriend,"
she made some comment that
she didn't really like that,
and I said, "What would you
prefer I call you?"
I said, "My rank is commander.
I'm a lieutenant commander."
She said, "Oh! Commander.
That's what I'll call you."
When I asked her why,
she started telling me all about this
Star Trek that she was into big time,
and she was commander
of some spaceship here locally.
Crosby: Did she explain what
these things were that she was wearing?
Woman: Y es,
but don't ask me what they are.
One's a phaser,
and it beams her up,
and the other's
something else.
I've never gotten any negative
response from it,
and some of our customers, especially
since the trial, I think recognize me,
but they don't usually
say anything.
Has it encouraged you
to watch Star Trek some more?
Actually, yes.
I seldom ever watch Star Trek.
Only because you want
to understand what I'm talking about.
Yeah. Some of it.
And I'm really not a Star Trek fan,
but I get into it
because she's into it.
In my favorite fan letter,
I received--
I opened it up, and there was
a marijuana cigarette
glued to a piece of cardboard
and a photo of a very
delightful-looking young girl.
And she said, "You have
turned me on so many times,
I thought I would return
the favor."
I kept that one.
I've saved some pretty great stuff
the fans have sent me.
These are ink drawings--
Chekov, Captain Picard,
Saavik, Dr. Crusher.
A woman named Jean Kluge,
she drew me in a kind of
Davy Crockett motif.
This is from Blowing Rock,
North Carolina.
Tasha and Sela together again.
This is a kind of
King Arthur- Knights
of the Round Table motif.
Sela, looking tough.
A lot of times,
kids send me things.
Nice lucite box
they sent it to me in.
This is Tasha
done in needlepoint.
It is, I think, my favorite.
This is a very imaginative pose.
At first, I've got to tell you,
I was actually shocked,
and then I kind of really
have grown to appreciate it.
Spiner: What was weird to me
when I saw the first one
was not just how they got
my naked body perfect--
I mean, it was just
a perfect rendition--
but yours was almost specific.
I mean, it--
[Crosby Giggling]
Are you filming?
Star Trek is unique in that
we are the only television show
that has an open-script
submission policy.
We will take scripts
from anyone in the world.
I once had a fan come in dressed
in a Starfleet uniform,
who was calling himself
Ensign Jones,
and all of his stories,
of course, had to do with
Ensign Jones taking control
of the Enterprise,
or Ensign Jones goes
to the Klingon home world,
or, you know, stuff like that--
Ensign Jones
travels through time.
I write in the original
Trek genre,
involving the characters
of Kirk and Spock.
I write slash
that appears on the internet.
You're talking
about the K/S zines.
The Kirk/Spock fetish groups.
The term means one character
with another, like Kirk "slash" Spock.
We thought that either Gene or
the studio would put a stop to it,
but the studio never really
seemed to care
because we're talking
very small circulations.
We're all very normal ladies--
mostly housewives.
Who want to read sexual
stories about Kirk and Spock
but don't want to see them
with other women.
The mailing list I'm on
is completely anonymous.
Why is it important
that your identity not be revealed?
Because of the controversial nature.
We're living in a culture
that isn't as progressive,
so it's important
to avoid censure.
I write The Secret Logs
of Mistress Janeway.
This is a story
about Mistress Janeway
and how

- -
- Eorin shinbu

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