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polyester components,
and overall I think
the first version looks nice.
I've got a friend of mine
that does custom tailoring,
so he does
all my uniforms for me.
I have a dress uniform.
I've got just, like,
a couple of the regular T-shirt tops
and things like that,
and this is one of the jumpsuits.
This is normal attire for me.
We don't feel like we look
any different than anyone else anymore,
because we've been
doing it for so long.
In fact, sometimes after work I'll
be leaving and I'll have my uniform on.
People will be staring
at me, and I'm like,
"What are they staring at me for?"
To me, it's just natural.
Man: I go out a lot of times
in the uniform,
and I find it
a pretty positive thing.
Sometimes I'll get people that--
they'll give me a smile,
they'll say something or give me
a Star Trek Vulcan salute.
I've never had a negative
experience, and I enjoy it.
On a couple of occasions,
I've had people ask me
something about, "Well, how long
are you going to do this?"
Or "Why do you do all this?
Don't you have a life for real?"
And this is part
of my life for real.
Hi, Steve.
How you doing?
All right.
How are you today?
- All right.
- Good.
As long as I'm able to do it,
I'm going to do it.
Doesn't hurt anybody,
makes a lot of people feel good,
and I think that's
sort of the point of things.
Gabriel: I'm going inside now
to some of my favorite stores
to search for new
Star Trek memorabilia,
hard-to-get action figures,
and the like.
You know, I spend around
maybe 300-400 bucks a year
on Star Trek merchandise,
but if I could, I'd spend
a lot more--
about--way over 1,000.
The reality is Star Trek fans
devote more time,
energy, and finance
to their object of affection
than any other group
of people in the world.
I am a die-hard
Star Trek fan,
and I'm going
all over the country
trying to get
everything I can,
before I die, of Star Trek.
This is the Data
the red Playmates doll--
the one that's very rare
and valuable,
and I got it for $25
at a convention,
and now they're going
for $250, $300, which--
Not that I'll ever sell mine.
It's not for sale!
These dolls and things
all have numbers on their feet,
and they look for
the lowest number.
I'm about to do a valuable trade
for these two figures
from the Huntsville, Alabama,
that go for
about 100 bucks apiece
because they were limited
to only 10,000
for the equally rare
Thomas Riker figure
because I'm getting
the better end of the deal
because the production number
was a bit lower
and goes
for considerably more
on the secondary market
than this set.
There you go.
These are from Huntsville.
Huntsville-- That's the only place
you can get these, huh?
And some were numbered over 10,000,
but that was a mistake.
They used parts
from another figure.
Ah! Interesting.
Thank you.
Those were actually the legs
from "The Cage" Spocks.
How do you know all that?
I'm on the internet.
Ha ha!
I'm keeping those for myself.
Man: My folks used to get really mad
because I'd just talk about it
and talk about it
and talk about it all the time,
Ioving all the wonderful
Star Trek stuff,
and here am I now, 27 years old,
and I still collect all these things,
and I love it just as much.
The super phaser
target game--
This was pretty hip
for the early seventies.
Star Trek: The Motion Picture--
the pop-up book.
These were the hottest thing
when I was a kid.
Taco Bell was running
this special,
and these are Star Trek
1984 drinking glasses,
and in 1989, they came out
with Star Trek V,
and they had this special offer
where you could send
for your futuristic
marshmallow dispenser.
So I went ahead,
and I sent for this thing,
and here we go.
It's still intact.
It's, like, mint in a bag.
All this stuff has, like,
overtaken my house in such a big way.
One of my goals is to actually build,
like, a great big shelf
where I could actually
display it.

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