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Star Trek
action figures,
and over here
I have the collection
of the 4 captains.
This Sisko here
might look a bit messy
because I shaved it
with an X-Acto knife
because of his new look
this season
and painted on a goatee
with model paint.
Over here I put up
somewhat of a chart
with my Datas
illustrating the evolution
of the uniforms
in the past few years.
We start out here with Data
in the first/second season
lycra jumpsuit,
which I heard caused
the male actors back problems;
then the third
through seventh season
two-piece uniform,
and then the Generations
jumpsuit version
and now the gray-shouldered
First Contact garbs,
which of course
I am wearing now.
Man: I normally
dress up as Data.
One lady thought that I was Data
and came up to me,
and she had her baby,
and she kept--she was like,
"Will you--Will you
touch my baby?"
I've been asked
to bless people...
One wanted me to sign
the interior of his car--
To marry people...
"Oh, wow! He touched my baby!
He touched my baby!"
Then she runs off
screaming in the halls.
One wanted me to help him
ease his way into death.
It was an odd request.
Maybe we should have told her
I wasn't Data. Ha ha!
& It's a beautiful day &
& Ooh, we'll fly away &
& It's a beautiful day... &
The Mark and Brian
radio program-- 95.5 KLOS.
All right, now, there is a Star Trek
convention in town this weekend.
A lot of Trekkies are here.
They're coming from
all over the world.
In celebration
of that group of people in town,
we-- Mark and Brian-- now give you
the Star Trek theme.
[Playing Star Trek Theme Badly]
[Shrieking Star Trek Theme]
There we go.
I'm a little busy now.
All right, we'll take
a commercial break and return.
Crosby: Do you have
a favorite episode?
The original?
Well, of course,
the original--
The original? OK.
Oh, look here, mister.
See, he shouldn't even be in this.
He doesn't even dig Star Trek.
I like Star Trek!
I like it fine!
No! You're like, "Who are those guys
with the pointy ears?"
Star Trek's
a way of life, man.
It's a good way of life.
It teaches us all.
This background here
that you see was rendered by me.
It is the Nemesis station
from Star Station Nemesis,
the film project that our club
is working on at the moment.
This is the screenplay
in its computer form.
This program is
where it was written
and where all the modifications
were made.
This script is basically
the back story
that they've conceived
for the club.
Then I translated
the outline we wrote
into the 172-page
What you're about to see here
are some of the fledgling
opticals I've created.
As you can see, there's
a considerable amount of detail
that went into it.
This is pan-up shot
that I did,
and as you can see,
there's a little flickering
around there
that I'm trying
to get rid of.
One thing that I've been
tinkering around with
is a Romulan armada shot.
I rendered this sequence
in two parts.
This is the logo
for the trailer
for the movie
that we're putting together
to show at not this coming
meeting, but the next one.
Woman: Gabriel and Travis,
our communications officer,
came up with the idea
to start making a movie for our club.
Gabriel designed some new uniforms
specifically for the movie.
[People Talking]
There's yours. Now...
They're still--
still in process.
Now you have to decide
which one you're going
to wear tomorrow.
Yeah. It will be
a tough choice.
Ha ha! Wow.
This costume is the uniform
that I've designed.
It came out of about
50 conceptual sketches,
and this is
my favorite of them
from the film project
that I'm working on,
and it should be noted that this is
only a prototypical version,
and, uh...
The collar on the completed
version will be--
come to about here,
but it's--
She kind of cut short
the collar a bit,
and it will have
shoulder pads,
and it will be all wool.
This has some wool components
and some

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