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who have a sense
of the desire to escape,
and they know it's a show,
and nobody really gets lost
in it, but it's just fun.
Woman: We are the largest ship
in the San Diego area.
We do a lot
of community service.
We go and visit
abused children in hospitals,
and we work fairs,
and we're having
a miniature golf tournament
in two weeks, and--
Dressed as Klingons?
You play miniature golf
dressed as Klingons?
Yes, yes. We're going to donate
the money to charity.
My name is Marc Okrand,
and what I've done
is develop the Klingon language
for Star Trek.
Our only greeting translates
quite literally
to "What do you want?"
When they played
Klingon softball,
I never devised words
for "You're out," "You're safe,"
something like that,
so they had to improvise,
and the way they improvised is,
"You're dead," You're alive,"
which works just as well.
I like the way
Klingons believe--
their code of ethics
and honor.
What I've done is turn around
and tattooed the Klingon insignia.
It took me about
2 1/2 hours of work
with a homemade pen
to get it inked in.
This is a Klingon
disrupter pistol.
Two basic settings.
This is the stun--
That's the stun setting.
Never have I heard it
been used in Star Trek.
Not only has Klingon been
spoken just in the movies,
it turns out that people like
to speak the language.
People like to learn
the language.
Man: The Klingon language camp
is something
that we've been having
for the last 4 years.
It's a summer program
for people to learn
the language and customs
of the culture.
- Tlhingan hol.
- Tlhingan hol.
Tlhingan hol dajatlh'a'?
Tlhingan hol dajatlh'a'?
How do you say
- Hoh!
- Hoh!
- Hoh!
- Hoh!
- Yihoh!
- Yihoh!
- Jihoh!
- Jihoh!
- Pehoh!
- Pehoh!
- Jihoh!
- Jihoh!
- Pehoh!
- Jihoh!
- Mahoh!
- Mahoh!
[Singing In Klingon]
They just came out with the first
full edition in Klingon of Hamlet.
They're working
on translating the Bible.
There's a team of scholars
doing this,
and they've translated
the theme song to Sesame Street,
the theme song
to Gilligan's lsland.
Klingons are really popular.
Klingons are
very popular. Ha ha!
It's an interesting
phenomenon. I mean--
You said that with
a straight face.
Klingons are popular
because they're fun.
Klingons allow us
as non-Klingons
to express a certain aspect
of our personality,
I think, that we're not
allowed to do in public.
Woman: I want to get
the, uh, sour cream
and chives potato.
Would you like cheese
on the Super Star or without?
Without cheese?
This combo?
OK, would you like that
supersized for 39 cents more?
It's got a large fries
and large drink.
16! Pick up, please!
Have you ever served
a Klingon before?
- You've served Klingons before?
- Yes.
When I was 6 years old--
January of 1989--
I attended
my first convention,
and here is a picture
from it.
Man: One day I was at home,
and I get a phone call,
and Gabriel at the time
was 6 years old,
and the school calls me up
and says, "Would you please
come and pick up your son?"
I said, "Well, what's the matter?
Is he hurt or what?"
They said,
"No. He happens to be wearing
his Star Trek uniform
and his pointed Spock
ears and full makeup,
and I don't think this is
the right attire for him
to wear at school."
It's a Catholic--
It was a Catholic school, too.
They made me come and pick him up,
which I thought was pretty funny
and it took him years
before he really could comprehend
that he wasn't supposed
to go to school like that,
but that's the way life is
when you're 6 years old.
Yeah, I was supposed to be wearing
my plaid pants and tie.
- Another interesting thing that--
- [Telephone Rings]
Oh, for God's sakes!
I'll get that. I'll get that.
Peter, this is the worst time
you could have called!
Go away! OK, bye.
Ha ha ha!
Around this entire section here,
we have my collection
of autographed

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