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if I interject?
I'm sorry?
Do you mind if I make an interjection?
What on earth do you mean?
Well, it's just that I heard
all these people
talking about the Austro-Hungarian Empire
a little while ago
and I wondered if they'd ever heard
about my grandfather.
He was an incredibly close friend
of the Archduke himself
and he once had a cup of tea
with Benito Mussolini.
They all played poker together,
Winston Churchill included.
The funny thing about my grandfather was
that the palms of his hands
always seemed to be burning.
But his eyes were elsewhere.
He had a really strange life.
He was in love, he told me once,
with the woman
who turned out to be my grandmother,
but he lost her somewhere.
She disappeared, I think, in a sandstorm.
In the desert.
My grandfather was everything
men aspired to be in those days.
He was tall, dark and handsome.
He was full of goodwill.
He'd even give a cripple with no legs
crawling on his belly
through the slush and mud
of a country lane a helping hand.
He'd lift him up, he'd show him his way,
he'd point him in the right direction.
He was like Jesus Christ in that respect.
And he was gregarious.
He loved the society of his fellows,
W.B. Yeats, T.S Eliot,
Igor Stravinsky, Picasso,
Ezra Pound, Bertolt Brecht, Don Bradman,
the Beverly Sisters, The Inkspots,
Franz Kafka and the Three Stooges.
He knew these people
where they were isolated,
where they were alone, where they fought
against the savage and pitiless odds,
where they suffered vast wounds
to their bodies, their bellies,
their legs,
their trunks, their eyes, their throats,
their breasts, their balls...
Well, Richard - what a great dinner!
I'm so glad.
This is for you.
No, no really -
No, no this is for you.
And this is for you.
Oh, no, please -
Shall I put them down here?
No, I'll tell you what -
you wearing suspenders?
Stick them in your suspenders.
Here you are, son.
Mind how you go.
Great dinner. Great restaurant.
Best in the country.
Best in the world, I'd say.
Exactly. I'm taking their bill.
No, no, you can't -
It's my wedding anniversary! Right?
Send me their bill.
And his.
Send me both bills.
Anyway... It's for old time's sake
as well, right?
See you again soon?
See you again soon.
Next celebration?
Plenty of celebrations to come.
Rest assured.
Plenty to celebrate.
Dead right.
Like - "Who's in front? Who's in front!"
"Who's in front?"
"Who's in front?"
"Get out of the way"
"You silly old cunt!"
Sweet of him to take the bill, wasn't it?
He must have been very fond of you.
Oh, he wasn't all that fond of me really.
He just liked my... oh, you know...
Your what?
Oh, my... you know...
Fabulous evening.
See you soon then.
See you soon.
I'll be here for breakfast
tomorrow morning.
See you soon.
See you soon.
Lovely to see you.
See you soon, I hope.
See you soon.
See you soon.
So lovely to meet you.
Lovely to meet you.
When I was a boy
my grandfather used to take me
to the edge of the cliffs
and we'd look out at the sea.
He bought me a telescope.
I don't think they have
telescopes anymore.
I used to look through this telescope
and sometimes I'd see a boat.
The boat would grow bigger
through the telescope lens.
Sometimes I'd see people on the boat.
A man, sometimes a woman,
or sometimes two men.
The sea glistened.
My grandfather introduced me
to the mystery of life
and I'm still in the middle of it.
I can't find the door to get out.
My grandfather got out of it.
He got right out of it.
He left it behind him
and he didn't look back.
He got that absolutely right.
And I'd like to make
one further interjection.
English subtitles: Gorushka

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