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in the North,
but it's not bad in the South either.
So you've made it.
Aren't you cold?
Get in the car.
For once, you could have
been on time.
I bought a fur collar for Maroussia,
and I forgot it.
From a real polecat.
It used to be Diehard's
Nastya, Sasha, take care!
- What's your name?
- Igor Gavrilov.
- Igor Gavrilov.
- I'm Major Kislov.
- I'm Major Ivanov.
- Igor Gavrilov.
- What do you say?
- Thanks very much.
- Is he your son?
- Yes.
- What's your name?
- Igor Gavrilov.
- Major Boiko.
- Lieutenant Motyl.
You? Is anything wrong?
Say something...
This second?
This second.
- What shall I tell you?
- Whatever you want.
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
Forgive me.
Our intelligence service
has discovered an enemy
submarine in Zone Five.
It appears to have had engine
and is being towed away
by combat vessels.
Belobrov and his men
will conduct a reconnaissance
mission and report back to us.
The rest are to maintain
combat readiness.
- That's all I have to say.
- One moment.
- Captain Bespashko!
- Yes, sir.
- Front and center.
- Yes, sir.
You were right the other day.
Your watch was correct.
- Take it. Back in formation.
- Yes, sir.
Next, throw away your insignia
and you'll become a general!
Diehard, my boy...
You miss your brother rabbit?
- Rev her up!
- Right away!
Thanks, Seraphima.
- We're all set!
- Let's go.
- Ready to go, navigator?
- Ready.
- How is the gunner?
- Ready.
Then it's departure time.
Last call.
Flowerbed, this is Poppy-4.
Request permission to begin
reconnaissance. May we take off?
Permission granted.
Big gray stone, big gray stone
of some thirty pound...
How d'you think a fly lands on a
ceiling, from a loop or from a spin?
Big gray stone's not as heavy
As the pain of the love-bound.
We used to have flowers outside
our window.
You look out and you see
flowers everywhere, everywhere...
Aren't those drifting mines down
there? Look down, navigator.
They're not mines, Skipper!
They're barrels!
Barrels from our transport ship!
Gunner... Cherepets!
Don't you dare to switch off
like that again, you hear?
Poppy-5, Poppy-9, have you
seen it?
- Flowerbed, this is Poppy-4.
- Poppy-4, this is Flowerbed.
Flowerbed, this is Poppy-4.
They're all in place.
- Ready to begin operation.
- Roger. Proceed at once.
Poppies, this is Poppy-4.
Dispersal now.
They will pay for that, bastards!
We'll send them all to the bottom!
Attack! Attack! Attack!!!
Nine hundred, eight hundred,
six hundred...
Pay for it! Pay for it!
Over to your left, Sasha.
Just a little more.
Do exactly as I tell you,
I'll guide you.
Everything's all right, Sasha.
Left foot forward.
We're going home, Sasha.
Skipper! Skipper!
Sasha! Sasha!
The film group thanks
the pilots and the sailors
of the Red Banner Northern Fleet
for participating in the shooting.
The End

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