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sure, then...
Then what?
If this isn't him, then where is
my son?
And what do you expect me to say?
"Sorry, I'm not your father"?
You know, I like the boy.
He told me today:
"I had a porcupine with big ears."
I mean they are so...
We've got to do something
about Cherepets.
His Maroussia's leaving.
She's got TB.
The doctor told me. They're
sending her off tomorrow.
And Cherepets still has three
days of punishment left.
Sasha, you've got a good eye.
Look at me from this angle.
Don't you think that when Igor
smiles his upper lip looks like mine?
Idiot! Grab the washbowl!
Don't you see he's throwing up?
Easy, easy now. That damn meat.
Upper lip...
You're incredible.
- Shall I call the doctor?
- No, the doctor scares me.
I don't know why I agreed.
I must be losing my mind.
Don't worry, Moukhine.
It'll just take a couple of minutes.
Here, how about some chocolate?
Look, I'll take one more from you.
The lieutenant loves medals.
Let me have your scarf.
Yours looks fresher.
Leave me something to wear.
Moukhine, there'd be no Air Force
without you.
Go easy on the chocolate,
it's a stimulant.
My tunic has holes all over,
but at least I look good.
Just don't overact.
Are you going to give us
a picture of yourself, Moukhine?
- Moukhine, answer me!
- Let's leave poor Moukhine alone.
Let's get serious now.
Shall I stop here?
Go all the way to the entrance
and honk your horn.
No horn.
- All right, I'll go now.
- Hold it.
- Go on, honk, Moukhine.
- Come on, Moukhine, honk.
All right, go ahead now.
- Don't screw it up, medal holder.
- Shut up, Belobrov.
- Hello. Are you in charge here?
- Yes, sir.
Follow me!
- I'd better leave.
- Turn the engine off.
Maroussia, TB... There's nothing
wrong with her. She's strong.
It doesn't mean anything.
You're strong too and still...
- Nothing wrong with me!
- Except your nerves.
I'm going to have problems
because of this Cherepets thing.
Wait in the car.
Now, he'll make up a wild story.
Look at you! Get that jacket
If he goes like that,
he'll never make it to the harbor.
Step lively, lover boy!
Step on it, Moukhine!
How was my act?
Shoura, the papers are all inside.
Be careful, the dishes are in there.
- Mother, please, just go.
- Alright.
Here, take this.
Mother, for the last time,
just go over there.
- Shoura, calm down.
- Leave me alone.
Mother, there's no reason
to open that now.
It's not raining.
Please, get on the boat.
- Where's Maroussia?
- She's already aboard.
She didn't take the fabric.
- Don't let her see your eye.
- Yeah, sure...
Don't get upset about Shoura.
She's just very nervous.
Have a good trip.
Why are you so mad at me,
I thought you were mad.
Loading is almost completed!
All right, I'll take it if you want.
There's enough for a long coat.
Don't make anything stylish,
you need something warm.
Thank you.
- I'm late. Let me help you.
- No one can help me now.
- Shoura, cut it out!
- Let go, do you hear?
- Shoura, please...
- Mother, get on the boat!
Stop being hysterical, Shoura.
- Sasha, stay alive!
- Goodbye, Maria!
Mommy, I beg you,
get on the boat.
It's all over, Sasha.
- Shoura, please...
- As if it were a dream...
We'll beat them. They'll pay
for what they've done.
I swear to you.
Shoura, write to me when you
get there.
I will.
Don't be fools, guys!
Here we are!
What a beautiful weather!
Shall we jump down?
Give me a hand!
Ladies and gentlemen,
thanks very much for your show.
Sorry, but you're not allowed
to take pictures.
You'll always be welcome here.
Come again after our victory.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Be careful on the ladder.
Have a good trip!
Officer on duty, report to
the commander!
When the coat is made,
will you take a photo of it
and send me the picture?
You ought not to kiss me.
But the doctor said I should
recover and be able to have kids.
I'm a strong girl. I'm going
to be just fine.
It's beautiful here

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