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And you ran like rabbits!
Everything's all right now.
Commander, why are you
flying that way?
I'm flying the right way.
- Are you looking for Plotnikov?
- Right.
Look where the part of the fuselage
was thrown off, and the wing, too.
It must have been quite an impact.
I wish we could land.
Well, heading home?
In the sky the sun is bright,
River ducks are quacking.
My sweetheart holds me tight,
All he knows is necking.
- Artyukhov!
- Artyukhov's listening.
Where can I get a fly now?
Seek and ye shall find.
Spring's almost here.
And what shall I do then?
You dry up a green fly, make it
into powder and put it in her food.
- Whose food?
- Your love interest's
- Why?
- It excites them.
- Who?
- Who do you think, huh?
- Then what do I do?
- Then comes the best part.
I put on some soft music and leave.
Like I have to go to the post office.
And you two are left alone.
No, she wouldn't do it.
She is not like that.
You must work on it.
Once you've gotten the first
kiss, you're in.
Then the chemistry gets working.
You should kiss her for as long
as you can hold your breath.
No, she is not like that.
If you look at air force statistics,
you'll see that there are those
who fly and those who just
hang around the airfields.
Still we're all called pilots.
That's what kills me.
You look like a watermelon
with this haircut of yours.
Our guys talked to people
from the British Royal Air Force.
You know how they handle it?
With them, if you're a master
sergeant flying as a gunner,
and the other one is a major
who never flies,
then you can have a bathtub,
and he, the major...
The English don't have master
sergeants, only regular sergeants.
And they're all redheads.
Like they all had the same father.
A very apt observation.
And they're liars like all pilots.
To hear them, they're all heroes,
but actually they're ordinary guys.
Well, if you want it straight,
you've got enough suckers
in your kitchen, too.
- What's wrong with him?
- Nothing...
- What is he doing?
- His evening workout.
- What is that there?
- Where?
Just a joke.
I have to go.
Shall we say goodbye?
I guess you must report back, too.
Well, good night.
Maroussia, let's stop pretending.
What do we need that for?
Stop it!
What's wrong with you, lousy hero?
I've had enough of it.
You all behave like animals.
You're on your leave,
but what do I have to do with it?
- As if that's all that counts...
- Maroussia, I'm sorry.
Look who's here!
Small world!
Nice to see you,
- You can't smoke here.
- Sorry.
I was supposed to fly
with Fomenko on that day.
- Good evening.
- How are you doing?
Yes, I know.
He changed everything around
at the very last minute.
I'm going home. You coming?
Lieutenant, Captain,
I'm Semouzhkin, remember?
- How is the ace tonight?
- Come to our table, will you?
We've got to get up early tomorrow.
We're picking up his son.
Who knows when we'll see each
other again, and it's a special day.
- I'm Olga.
- Captain Gavrilov.
I'm inviting you, too.
Come on in.
We'll be waiting for you.
- Well, Belobrov?
- Come on, guys...
They're heroes.
They've saved my pilot's honor.
You needn't mix it.
As long as there are men like them
in our Air Force, we needn't worry.
To heroism!
Guys, I swear you're singing it
all wrong. Start again.
Sergeant Cherepets has a problem.
- What problem?
- You'd better come.
Where's Belobrov?
I haven't been able to locate
Lieutenant Belobrov.
- Cherepets, who did this to you?
- The same father...
- Who hit him?
- Let me tell you.
I noticed that he and Artyukhov have
been hoarding the flight rations.
Don't give me that crap.
I want to know who hit him?
When you try the margarine,
you'll know who's giving you crap.
They all have the same dad
and a bathtub...
The English are all
red-headed bobbies...
They attacked Pearl Harbor...
Pearl Harbor is here!
A sailor never surrenders!


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