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Commander, our left fuel tank
has been hit!
Commander, we're losing fuel!
- The engine's on fire!
- I said, fire!
- The left tank is hit!
- Shut up!
I said, attack!
Commander, the torpedo's hit
The torpedo has been launched!
Report it!
The torpedo has been launched!
- The torpedo...
- Shut up!
Flowerbed, this is Poppy-6.
Come on, calm down.
Everything will be all right...
Flowerbed, this is Poppy-6!
This is Poppy-6...
More to the right.
Go ahead, Commander.
A little bit more...
Even more. Right, Commander.
Good... A little more to the right.
To the right.
We're on fire, navigator.
Forget about the torpedoes now!
Forget about the torpedoes...
I'm sorry, buddy! I'm sorry...
Sasha, you are back!
Did you hear? It's so awful!
Listen to a young girl
from Moscow, Olga Ivanchenko.
You wrote
that you were wounded in combat...
Excuse me, Lieutenant, but I'm
afraid you're at the wrong table.
No, guys,
he's at the right table.
- When did you get back?
- This morning.
- Then you've heard?
- Yes...
- Sasha Belobrov, welcome back!
- Oh, Belobrov, long time no see!
We were told you've been
transferred to another regiment.
No, I was on leave.
- Sasha!
- Diehard!
How are you? You, old son of
a gun...
- You saw how it was with Fomenko?
- Yes.
- And Plotnikov?
- I saw it, Sasha.
I have a terrible headache...
I'm like a broken-down engine,
a broken-down engine.
- Have you brought cigarettes?
- No... sorry.
It stinks.
I'm a broken-down engine,
with no cigarettes, imagine!
That's versification.
- You need a rest.
- Will you two be flying together?
Just before takeoff, Fomenko
sent Gavrilov with Dmitrienko.
Maroussia, Cherepets is sending
his love.
Life is strange, isn't it?
What d'you mean?
Women never listen.
I have been telling Nastya,
warning her:
"Don't drop Belobrov. He'll be
Now, look what happened.
Plotnikov is dead.
- You've got the green light.
- I don't get it.
Of course, you do.
Every cloud has a silver lining.
Now I've got it.
Sasha? Belobrov!
Sasha! Belobrov!
Sasha, wait!
- I didn't recognize you.
- It's so good to see you!
- When did you get back?
- This morning.
I guess you know what's happened.
After so many years of soldiering,
each time it's a shock.
- Are you going to the garrison?
- Yes, sir.
- Get in.
- Thank you.
Would you believe it? They
found my Igor in an orphanage.
- Have you heard from Lyalya?
- Nothing from Lyalya yet.
At flight school,
Fomenko was the best.
- Moukhine, step on it!
- Our brakes are not very good...
How are you feeling, are you
ready to go back to work?
I'm ready and can work very well,
- Did you know Plotnikov?
- He was a friend.
Yeah, these things happen...
Someone should go see the families.
It's funny. Take this place.
We've got everything we need:
a barber's shop, even a theatre...
Life could be so simple, so
pleasant. War is an ugly thing.
Shoura, we'd better get
two chairs from Nastya.
Sasha, I'll have a smoke here.
It's open!
I'm so happy you've come,
Sasha. Take your coat off.
Nastya! Mother!
You don't forget your friends,
do you?
- Belobrovik is here!
- How are you?
It's been three months, Sasha.
Were you wounded?
Wounded and contused.
I was telling you about it, mom.
Nastya, we've got company.
Take off your jacket. Nastya'll
be right here. Why the sour face?
- Did they feed you well there?
- Mother, is that really important?
I survived...
Sasha, look at me.
Sasha, look at me!
- They...
- They... never returned?
They are being late.
- Shoura...
- Never returned...
What is it? What's wrong?
What happened, I don't understand?
What never returned?
Was it their plane?
Yes, Maria...
Sasha, what a nice surprise!
- But they are alive.
- They never returned...
- Their plane didn't return.
- They never returned?
The plane didn't return.
Say something!
Shoura, calm down...
Wait, Shoura.
This is Lieutenant


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