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would make a good act.
Anyone else in this circus troupe?
You must admit I've got
the most original act.
Remind me to tell you which part
of your body you should hang from.
Stop pulling my leg!
Now, that's something!..
That's too much! Atta-boy!
Gavrilov, you're with Dmitrienko.
- Dmitrienko, hold it!
- Holding.
Gavrilov's going with you.
- Dmitrienko, I'm flying with you.
- Well, so be it.
Let's go, Diehard!
You, too, Gavrilov.
Ready for takeoff, Commander.
Good. Look after the lieutenant
colonel for us.
Follow me, Lieutenant Colonel.
We'll fix you up with a parachute.
You have to pull up,
Lieutenant Colonel.
- Have you removed the clamps?
- Yes.
Ready to saddle up, Yuri?
It's Shoura's birthday today.
We thought maybe you
and your spouse, Nastya,
would like to come
to our little party.
Your invitation is accepted.
- Need some help?
- Yeah.
- Everything alright in there?
- Fine.
Not too tough
for the lieutenant colonel?
Everything's just fine, Major.
In that case, let's take off.
Pull here only in an emergency.
Now, this "mama" gets
hooked up to this "papa".
Now I'm switching you on.
You'll be able to hear
and to speak.
- It's not bad in here...
- We've got a great view.
And if all goes as scheduled,
you'll see how the boat explodes.
It's even a better view from there.
Anything to report, navigator?
- Any problems, navigator?
- Nothing to report.
I want the weather and the time.
Bespashko might've been right.
My watch is on the blink.
This is Poppy-6.
Requesting permission to take off.
Permission granted.
Flowerbed, this is Poppy-6.
Requesting permission to take off.
Poppy-6, this is Flowerbed.
Permission granted.
Shoura, come in the house.
They'll do without our boys today.
They didn't!
- What did you say?
- I say they didn't do without them.
- Which plane is theirs?
- How do I know?
I don't know anything...
You got scared, didn't you,
esteemed doggy?
Are you begging for mercy?
- You promise not to bite?
- Yes.
Out you go!
Take that!
How could you be late today?
- You know what day it is?
- November 17.
- Yes, well?
- We met a year ago today.
Watch out! Gases!
Thanks. See you!
All clear!
- Why, it's Sasha Belobrov!
- Hi, Kilia!
Shoura, Belobrov is here!
Well, how are you doing here?
All right.
Drop by our barber's shop sometime.
Shoura, look who's here!
Can I warm up?
- Sasha!
- Why do you feel so hot?
- That's a hot-water bottle.
- Is everybody all right?
- Yes. We speak about you often.
- And now I'm here.
- I don't believe it.
- How is Nastya?
- That's where you've been wounded?
He's got his arms and legs,
that's what counts.
Nastya's gotten married.
- Kilia, go get some firewood!
- It's already done.
- Get some water, then!
- That's done, too.
I believe in telling the truth.
Yes, Sasha, she is right.
What happened to your face?
The doctors say it will heal.
Plotnikov, right?
- Of course...
- Sasha, wait!
She was going to write to you.
I was the one who told her not to.
I thought it would be better
this way.
Today is my birthday.
Come back tonight.
Everyone will be happy to see
you. Please, say you'll come.
After all, it's my birthday!
Kilia, how could you do
such a thing?
General, I've intercepted
a message.
The Germans have issued
a warning along the entire coast.
Flowerbed, this is Clover.
Mission completed.
Clover, this is Flowerbed.
Message received.
Flowerbed, this is Marigold.
The Poppies are coming closer.
Roger. Thanks.
Good work, Fomenko, right
on time.
- Flowerbed, this is Poppy-1 .
- Poppy-1 , this is Flowerbed.
This is Poppy-1 . The orchestra
is playing as scheduled.
We'll do our work now.
Do you read me? Over.
Poppy-1 , this is Flowerbed.
You may proceed.
Let's go!
Poppies, this is Poppy-1 .
It's dispersal time.
Navigator, the second boat
on the right is our target.
I got it.
A little more to the right, Sergei.
That's fine.
- Fire!
- Yes,


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