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Токийский хор

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bear escaped from its cage!
Although it escaped, our life remains
in the same rut.
Miyo got sick from eating bad candy.
the doctor said that if it's
disentery she could die.
Why did you let her eat that candy?
I made some money by selling old magazines...
... and I bought the candies
she wanted so much!
the doctor advised us to admit her
in the hospital.
money's needed for that.
we will find It, don't worry.
go call a taxi, quickly.
and you get everything ready.
she's improving, do not worry.
Now I feel calmer, we can return home.
How will we pay the hospital?
children recover quickly,
all was as before.
We no longer have anything in the
But Miyo is in a far better condition.
How the world has changed!
Making do With whatever comes our way!
we've been in a difficult plight.
Have you also come to look for work?
I heard you left the
university 24 years ago.
After the university I worked as
a professor in the radio.
and 1 or 2 months ago I
opened a western restaurant.
If you are looking for work, why don't
you come work for a season with me?
What? To work in a restaurant?
If you help me with the restaurant, I
will help find a job for you.
Thus is the shared fate of a pair
well known in the Ministry of Education.
If you offered me this out of pity
for my poverty, I would be offended.
However, being an old student
of yours, I accept.
I did not want to seem disagreeable,
... but when one becomes poor
a man also becomes sensitive.
I met Mr. Ryojima at the employment
He will help Us with the restaurant.
Please see that Mr. Ryojima is comfortable here.
Were you ever a waiter?
My wife and I worked in our
own restaurant.
perhaps if there were a pretty girl
the restaurant would go better.
In the university you also spoke
constantly of girls.
I have had many problems as a widower.
We have time to make a banner
for publicity.
Or we could organize a meeting of
ex-students who can do publicity for us.
We can do both things.
That wasn't your father.
Papa does not do such kind of work.
I cannot walk very well, could you take
my placard?
With two placards I will not be able to
walk well.
you would not be so weak if while
a student you had done more gymnastics.
This one is my medicine
I can't give it to you.
You also went somewhere?
I went to see the father of
an old friend of mine...
... to request a job for you.
and how is everything?
I saw a terrible thing.
I... saw you.
Never have I asked you
to do something like this.
Although we're in difficulties,you
don't need to do something so degrading.
That gentleman is an ex--professor of mine.
Perhaps he can find me a job.
So far I only help him.
You really can trust him?
When one is in difficulties one will
trust anyone.
I am slowly losing the force and the
vigor of my youth.
From this morning I will also help your
Professor, we are all prepared.
Do you want to come?
I am very contented to see
everyone reunited here.
For me it is something indespensible.
I am happy that you have prevailed in
...and that you have become fortunate.
Today we will celebrate.
A party like in our youth.
I hope you have a prosperous future.
Today's special: CURRY RICE. 15 CENTS
It's a pity on a day like this
if you must pay.
For us the times ahead are very difficult.
You are in luck, there's a job for you.
English Teacher in a girl's
school. How is your English?
Therefore you will no longer be anxious.
The school is in the city of Tochigi.
shall We go?
Hey, do not be sad, someday we shall
return to Tokyo.
You have not rid yourself of the vice
of arriving late?
Let us sing the hymn of the school.
Three springs pass so quickly.
Your face is still as vibrant
as a scarlet flower.
Now we take leave of each other,
in a future we will meet again.
Токийский хор Токийский хор

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