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Токийский хор

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EMIKO (Sugako) SUGAWARA HIDEO (the son)
TAKAMINE HIDEKO (the daughter)
IIDA CHOKO (Mrs. Omura)
TANI REIKO (El Presidente)
How slow you are! You're always late!
Remove jackets!
you shouldn't be so disrespectful!
stand there!
Papa, will you buy a bicycle for me?
All kids have a bicycle and I also want one!
Ask your mother if I can buy.
Mother told me that today they
give the allowance increment you...
... and so you can give the bicycle.
will you also buy something for me?
Who bought you the ball! You're spoiled!
If you act like this, I will not buy
anything for you.
Last year the economic crisis was hard,
... I don't know if the company will pay
the bonus.
Don't worry, ask for only 20 yens
per day. It will be sufficient.
At noon the director will give the
allowance increments.
How is today's situation?
Good, the fall of the stock-market
has not affected our pay.
If you enter now, you will meet
somebody else.
It's sad to think that we no longer
will be companions.
Next year when you're promoted,
you'll be facing the public.
Everything began the day I
advised two people...
... to take out insurance with us.
I made a life insurance contract with Them...
... and on the following day one of
them ran over the other, who died.
you did not kill him, it's not your fault.
That's not all. I also advised
a friend who signed with us,
... and died 3 months later in a fire.
THe company can't dismiss you for that,
they are wrong.
Until now the company helped me.
I don't have power to oppose the dismissal.
If I were you I would fight, it's not
right what they want to do to you.
I'm content, I've received
double what was hoped.
I agree, we must oppose this
injustice. It is an abuse!
It's not just a problem for Mr. Yamada.
Let's fight together, only then can we
work with any tranquillity.
Then you speak with the head
if you are so sure.
Good one, thinking it over well,
the company's mistake will cost them money.
and that face?
Since you made such a face, why
don't you go speak with him?
If you don't speak, the problem won't
be solved.
If a client dies the day after we
signed a contract,
... the company is obliged to pay.
Why have you dismissed Mr. Yamada?
Kindly be more diplomatic.
Mr. Yamada only advised a client
who then signed.
You are a simple employee, do not
interfere in the policy of the company.
You also are a simple employee,
Your situation is no different!
you behave like a gangster!
You are dismissed! that's all!
the company also wants to let go of me.
Now I'm going to buy a bicycle
for my son.
shall we take tea?
Today my father will buy me a bike,
and it will be prettier than yours!
a bike?
skidders are more fun than bikes!
they're no fun! I don't want that!
If you behave like this, I will not buy
anything for you.
and your mother?
She went to the market to buy something.
You are a liar.
and that face? It does not frighten me!
Then throw it in the trash, if you
don't want it.
I got upset because he is too
I am upset because papa did not buy
me a bike.
Then you were wrong, papa.
You are good boy, don't cry.
How was I wrong?
you did not have to lie to the boy.
you do not know how much I wanted that
bicycle for my son!
Papa, you are a liar!
You should speak with the director.
Although I was in the right, it's normal
that he dismissed me.
Be content with the skidder.
Who needs a bicycle anyway?
I did not think that I would have
to work at such a humble job.
But you have a job, that is better
than nothing.
Though I received a master's degree
now I can't find work in the lowliest job.
It's all my fault. I feel it.
How lucky are the children, they can cry
when they want.
Токийский хор Токийский хор

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