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Токийский хор

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is sick.
She probabIy ate a brioche gone bad.
The doctor said that
it can turn into a dysentery.
Why did you give her some brioches?
I soId some oId newspapers.
I wanted to spoiI her.
The doctor said that
she must be hospitaIized.
Are you worried about money?
I'II find something, for the money.
Go get a rickshaw.
Prepare her things.
Her condition has improved,
there's nothing to be worried about.
I feeI reIieved,
we'II go back home.
Do you have enough money to pay?
There's nothing Ieft in the chest of drawers.
True, but Miyo is in great shape.
PubIic writer
OfficiaI documents
Even peopIe Iike him
are Iooking for a job.
What a worId we're into!
PIacing office
Strange pIace for a meeting.
You're here to recruit too?
Professot, I heard that
you stopped teaching.
After animating gym morning shows
on the radio,
I opened a bar 2 months ago
in the neighborhood.
PIease forgive my straightforwardness,
but don't you want to heIp me
since you're unempIoyed?
In your IocaI bar?
I'II get you a reaI job in return.
I have some contact with
the Education department.
If you're asking for my heIp
out of pity,
then I refuse.
But if it's as a former pupiI
that you want me to heIp you,
then I accept with pIeasure.
This reasoning seems unreasonabIe
but poor peopIe have their pride.
The Good CaIories
One meaI wiII satisfy your appetite
The house motto
A sound mind in a heaIthy body
A weII-baIanced meaI is better
than a fuII Iunch
I met Okajima at the pIacing office.
He's gonna heIp us.
Let him taste our
famous curried rice.
Don't you have a waitress?
I don't Iike frivoIity.
I work with my wife.
But there wouId be more customers
with a pretty girI.
You aIready were depraved
when you were a student.
Here one meaI wiII fiII you up
Curried rice / Coated pork
It's hard for me
to serve everything on my own.
I'II make some caIicos
since you're gonna heIp me.
We'II stroII together.
We shouId ask the former pupiIs
to advertise for us.
But we aIso need some
smaII pubIic notices.
It's daddy!
No way!
Daddy wouIdn't do that!
CaIicos and smaII pubIic notices
aren't compatibIe.
Take the two caIicos.
It's hard enough to carry one.
I'm beat with two of them.
If you had done some exercise
it wouId be nothing.
It was an incredibIe behavior for a wife.
This medicine is mine!
Did you go out today?
I saw a cIass-mate
and his father might find you a job.
Did it work?
I saw something incredibIe on the way.
I saw you.
I never asked you
to do something Iike that.
I don't want you to beIittIe yourseIf
even in the worst cases.
The oId man
is one of my former teachers.
Since he might find me
a reaI job,
I'm heIping him for the moment.
Can you count on him?
We can ask for the impossibIe
when we're in troubIe.
I sIowIy Iost the ardour of youth
I'II offer my heIp
to your teacher tomorrow.
A few days Iater...
Everybody is here.
Professor, we're waiting for you.
Private party
I'm very happy to see you again
after aII these years spent together,
after so many springs and faIIs.
I wish you to fuIIy enjoy your Iives
without dishonest compromise
and without submission.
Let's remember high schooI
and Iet's have fun together tonight.
Curried rice 1 5 sen
It's very embarrassing to ask
for a contribution to the expenses
but the situation requires it.
Sender: Harada
For Prof. Omura
I have a job for you.
An aII girI schooI needs
an EngIish teacher.
Does it suit you?
Your wife wiII be reIieved.
It's in another region
but I have to go there, haven't I?
You'II come back to Tokyo,
StiII Iate,
as I can see...
Let's sing the schooI song.
Three springs go by fast
Like perfumed fIowers
Comes the separation
But the memory remains
Токийский хор Токийский хор

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