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Токийские сумерки

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Pull yourself together.
l don't want to die.
You shouldn't worry like that.
What is it, Akiko?
l want to start all over again.
l want to lead a new life
a better life.
l want to live!
Of course you will. Don't worry.
Akiko is dead.
When did this happen? How?
How did this happen?
lt's your fault.
Takako, Takako. Pon!
Sake, please.
Did you hear from the company
about the fire extinguisher?
They want to put it in their own little spot.
Isn't that selfish?
Wakana's mad and refused to put up money.
Here you go. Is it warm enough?
What are you doing here?
What's wrong?
ls Soma's offer still good?
lt's still good.
l don't like Tokyo anymore.
Why not?
lf you came with me, that would be great.
Will you come?
Yes, l will.
You will? That's great.
l'll go tell Soma right away.
Waiting on customers
is not the life for me.
Well, let's have a drink.
The cold isn't unbearable.
lf we go together, we'll be warm enough.
So you're willing to go.
l'm so glad.
Anyone home?
As l told you on the phone...
l'm leaving on the 9:30 train to Hokkaido.
l want to offer this to Akiko.
ls that all right?
Here, take it.
We may never meet again.
Take care of yourself.
l'll be going now. Goodbye.
The Tsugaru express to Aomori
will depart from track no, 12 at 21,r30,
The train will stop at
Omiya, Toyama, Utsunomiya,
Nishinasuno, Shirakawa
Koriyama, Fukushima, Yonezawa,
Yamagata, Shinjo,
lnnai, Yokote, Omagari,
Akita, Higashinoshiro,
Odate, Omachi, Hirosaki and Aomori,
Good thing we came early
and got these seats.
She's not coming. Don't bother looking.
Why would she come? Have a drink.
You'll spill it.
l told you it's no use looking.
It's getting cold.
l'm telling you, she's not coming.
-Another one?
-No, thanks.
We'll be on this train till tomorrow noon.
Our butts are going to be sore.
Should have brought a blanket.
Not seeing her off?
There's still time.
Don't stay because of me.
l think l'll go back.
l don't want Michiko to feel like Akiko did.
A child needs the love of both parents.
You were good to her,
but Akiko still felt lonely.
She wanted a mother.
You may be right.
l tried my best,
but l guess it still wasn't enough.
She would have been able to tell a mother
things she couldn't tell me.
Do you think you and Numata
can get along?
l'll try my best.
Even if it's hard, l'll try.
Michiko is getting older.
l see. So you'll go back to Numata?
l'll try very hard this time,
so you don't have to worry about me.
l understand.
lt's not all his fault. It's mine, too.
We all have faults.
Anyway, try it, and l think you'll succeed.
l'm determined to.
But if l leave
what about you, Father?
Don't worry about me.
Akiko isn't here anymore.
l'll be fine.
l can ask Tomizawa to come by again.
That's that.
Are you going to be home early?
As early as possible.
What about supper?
Well, cook the rice for me.
l might not eat, though.
Leave when you want to. l have a key.
Which shoes are you wearing today?
The black ones.
the endMy, what a surprise!
Yes, I know
It's become quite cold
Yes, it has
Visiting this area today?
I come now and then
The new branch manager
drops in frequently
He likes Sake
Care for salted trepang?
Sent from my hometown
Sounds good. Warm up some Sake
for me, will you?
I'd like some too
Salted trepang
Also... more Sake
As soon as I get to know you people
the head office snatches you away
But since it means a promotion...
Where's Akemi?
She went skiing with friends
Other side of the Shimizu Tunnel where
the snow piles up 350 kilometers high
350 kilometers can't be right.
You mean centimeters
Is that what it is?
Has your daughter gone already?
Not yet, but she probably will
How about oysters?
They came with the trepang
Very good
Any special way?
Mixed with rice, I guess
I'd like some oysters too
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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