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Токийские сумерки

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Can l use your back room?
Of course. It's a mess, though.
That's okay.
l'm the only one who works here.
l guess this will have to do.
Come in. It's not great, but it's a room.
So what's your question?
Tell me who my father is.
What do you mean?
l know you're my mother.
Who told you? Who said that to you?
My sister.
Takako told you?
Mother, whose child am l, anyway?
Tell me, who is my father?
l'm sorry, Akiko.
l didn't forget you and your sister.
You were always on my mind.
Your brother, too.
l didn't know he was dead.
l kept worrying about you.
Even if l admitted that l was wrong,
you wouldn't forgive me.
Never mind that.
All l want to know is
whose child am l?
Your father's child, and mine.
He's really my father?
What are you thinking?
Are you that suspicious?
Don't you believe me?
He's your father.
That is one thing
l don't have to be ashamed of.
Akiko, that is one thing
that you must believe.
You have to believe it!
You have to!
Do you understand?
You understand, don't you?
Thank you.
Akiko, one of the customers
was talking about you.
l hope you're all right.
He said you were having a baby.
Are you? Is that true?
l'll never have a baby. Never!
lf l do, l won't abandon it the way you did!
l'll love it with all my heart!
l hate you!
This one wasn't any good.
That sixth hole is jinxed.
lt's tricky, that one.
How did l get it in?
Where'd she go, anyway?
How should l know?
Don't hide it. Come on, you can tell me.
l have no idea.
You're lying. l know you are.
Don't run away.
Quit moping. Forget about him.
Find another guy.
There are plenty of fish in the sea.
What's so special about him?
Tell me.
lt's okay. l'm leaving.
Say, who's that girl?
She's pretty.
Her? She's a delinquent.
So what?
All the more intriguing.
-You think so?
-You ought to know.
Another, please.
Good evening.
-Right away.
lt's getting colder. It might snow.
l heard Kenji's moving. Looking for a place
in the Kamata area, eh?
Find a good place yet?
They say it's hard to find
a good flat nowadays.
The new ones are rather pricey.
l think you've had enough.
l'm fine.
All right.
Were you here the whole time?
l looked everywhere for you.
l knew that you'd be worried.
l couldn't sleep.
lt's true. l've lost weight.
What's that for?
That surprised me.
Made me spill some of the sake.
These modern young women
have bad tempers.
You'll get hurt if you're not tough enough.
What happened?
l'm just gonna go check.
Hey! What's going on?
-Still feverish?
-No change yet.
That's inconvenient for you.
What can you do? She's a customer.
That Kenji!
He didn't come with her, the coward.
Go right ahead.
-Come in.
What happened, Akiko?
lt's very kind of you.
Sure surprised me, the way it happened.
Heard the whistle blowing, so l rushed out.
She had just left my place.
That's always been
a dangerous intersection.
Newspapers once reported about it.
Nothing's happened lately.
l was shocked.
The watchman wasn't paying attention.
When he finally saw the train coming,
he quickly lowered the gate.
But it was too late.
She had already been hit.
The watchman's been arrested
and taken away.
A policeman was here. He left a while ago.
He told me to ask you to wait.
This is really terrible.
Thank you. You've been very kind.
Not at all. l'll leave now.
lt must have inconvenienced you.
Don't worry about it.
Father, his name.
Yoshihira Shimomura.
l run a noodle house nearby.
They call me Gihei. Real name's Yoshihira.
We'll stop by and pay our respects later.
Don't worry about that.
Please excuse me now.
-Please excuse me.
-Thank you very much.
l'll be leaving now. Good night.
Say, l forgot to mention
the name of my place.
Tell them it's Chin-Chin-Ken.
What happened? Are you all right?
What happened? Akiko!
Am l dying?
l don't want to die.
Don't worry, you're not dying.
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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