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Токийские сумерки

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l thought Kenji was with you.
He left for Shinjuku.
Why are you always chasing him?
You don't look so good.
Are you okay?
-Start the game.
-All right.
Good evening.
Your sister's very pretty, isn't she?
My sister?
How do you know her?
She was here the other day.
-She was looking for you.
Maybe four or five days ago.
She was?
You're leaving?
See you.
Wonder what she's so uptight about.
Why is Kenji avoiding her?
For a very serious reason.
lt's quite sad, really.
What is it?
lt's Tomita's fault.
He's the bad guy here.
l am not. l don't know anything about it.
l'm not so sure about that.
What are you talking about?
-He won't admit it, that sly fox.
A long time ago,
there was a boy and a girl who were
at university together.
Young, good-looking and innocent,
they were the best of friends.
But a villain lived in the boy's dormitory.
He planted seeds of mischief in the boy,
bringing the boy and the girl together
into relations that were far from pure.
Yes, indeed, completely true.
Shocking, isn't it?
Very shocking.
All right, enough.
Wait. There's more.
The girl left school
and started studying English shorthand.
More and more
she strayed from the righteous path.
She joined the villain's group.
An ancient and oft-repeated story.
Now the girl is after the boy.
This story grows in interest.
Something else might be growing as well.
Maybe she's increasing the population.
You sure about that?
ls it true?
Who knows? But either way,
it's an interesting phenomenon.
Don't you think?
To think that that girl... l'm speechless!
True, quite true. It's shocking.
-What did you play?
-lt's West.
Wind again.
l'm shocked.
Who is it?
Oh, it's you.
Come upstairs with me now.
Why, what's wrong?
What's going on?
Why did you go to that mah-jong parlour?
Why did you?
What did you go there for?
Tell me why you went there.
Why did you go without telling me?
lf l had told you...
Who told you about that place?
Auntie said...
How did she know about it?
How did she find out?
Tell me the truth. Answer me!
Auntie met her.
Met who?
Then that woman really is our mother?
You said she couldn't be our mother.
Why did you say that?
l didn't think she'd return to Tokyo.
lt was the last thing l expected.
What made you so sure?
Tell me.
Tell me the truth. What happened?
Why did Mother leave Father?
Father was away in Seoul at the time.
We were living somewhere else then.
One of Father's subordinates
Yamazaki, came to the house oft!en
and helped us out with many things.
He was a tall, interesting man.
We both liked him.
l was only a child then
and didn't understand
what was really happening.
Mother and that man...
Never mention this in front of Father.
l remember after Father
came back from Seoul
he took us to the zoo.
it was a sunny day. You were so happy.
You toddled back and forth.
You fell asleep on the way home,
and Father had to carry you.
When we got home,
the front door was locked.
we never saw her again.
She never came back.
Akiko, don't say a word to Father.
He's tried so hard to forget about it.
-So maybe...
Maybe he's not my father.
Akiko, what are you talking about?
l must look exactly like Mother.
l don't take after Father at all.
lt's Mother's tainted blood.
No! Don't be ridiculous.
What makes you say that?
l'm sure of it. l can't be his child.
l'm home.
lt's Father.
l'll go and ask him!
No, Akiko!
You don't understand.
l want you to tell me...
What's going on?
''The law against prostitution.''
-ls Kikko here?
Good evening. Are you alone?
There's something l want to ask you.
What is it?
Please come with me.
Are you leaving?
Only for a moment.
Now what is it?
Can we go somewhere
where we can talk alone?
Let's see. l think l know a place.
Come with me.
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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