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Токийские сумерки

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to come with me.
Kasahara Clinic - Gynaecologist
Obstetrics Kasahara Clinic
Get plenty of rest.
Watch out for hemorrhaging.
How much do l owe?
Today, 200 yen.
-Thank you very much.
-Take care of yourself.
Have a seat.
What was your name?
Akiko Sugiyama.
Have you decided what you're going to do?
l think l should...
Yes, l think that's best.
You seem too fragile.
Which bar do you work at?
Shinjuku? Shibuya?
We get a lot of girls like you in here.
Sometimes the daughter
of a good family sneaks in here.
They don't go through with it
unless they have a good reason.
-Excuse me, but...
Do l need to be hospitalised?
Two to three hours until the ether wears off.
Then bed rest at home.
The thermometer, please.
No fever.
Do you want to do it today?
Yes, please.
3,000 yen. Do you have it?
Afterwards, some patients have no money
and they never come back.
You definitely have it?
Okay, if you have it.
Come with me.
Come this way.
You're a good little girl, aren't you?
Who is it?
Oh, Akiko.
-l'm home.
-Welcome back.
What's wrong? You look pale.
l have a headache.
Did you catch a cold?
What's the matter?
You're acting really strange.
Do you want me to make up
your bed for you?
-Are you okay?
You'd better change out of those clothes.
l'm okay.
lt's nothing. Don't worry about it.
l just want to rest for a while.
-Do you want some medicine?
-No, thank you.
You don't have a fever.
-Do you have the chills?
-l'm fine.
Auntie came by today after you left.
Noisy as always. She has two candidates
for your future husband.
She brought their pictures.
One has a really long face.
Auntie likes the other one better.
l'm not getting married.
l can't.
Why not?
l don't want to.
l guess my marriage
isn't a really good example.
Akiko, most marriages are very happy.
Mine is just an exception.
You're still young.
You've still got your whole life
ahead of you.
My marriage is just an exception.
Your life is only beginning.
You'll find happiness.
Just let me sleep in peace.
Are you tired?
Get some sleep. Are you cold?
Let me know if you need something.
l'll leave the light off.
Come in.
ls the president here?
He's in a meeting
with the director of the dockyards.
They'll probably be a while.
You know where to find me.
-Please let me know when they're done.
-Yes, sir.
Mr Sugiyama really likes pachinko.
He always shoots for the top.
Just like him.
He is the only auditor
who actually studies the daily reports.
Balls won't drop in number 70.
One moment.
Fancy meeting you here.
The girl told me you'd be here.
What's up? This one is stuck, too!
You know, Hasebe's back.
lt was in the paper.
He must have gone through a rough time.
lt might be good to have an alumni meeting.
-Will you come?
-l suppose so.
l have to go to Osaka for a few days.
Will you let the others know?
-Can you? l'm really busy now.
l guess l have no choice.
Want to try this? Here.
lt's hard, isn't it?
Not like golf.
You have to have good thumbs.
Where do you want to meet?
Somewhere that's not too pricey
and can accommodate a large group.
All right.
By the way, Akiko came by our house
and asked to borrow some money.
Did she tell you?
No, she didn't.
My wife lent her the money
without asking questions.
Do you know what it was for?
-l'll pay you back.
-No rush.
She needed it to help this friend of hers.
-5,000 yen, right?
-Don't worry about it now.
You can pay me back later.
l had already left the house that day.
Please thank your wife for me.
ls my boss here?
He hasn't come in yet.
Where is he?
-Your boss is missing?
He's addicted to mah-jong.
He was here until 2:00 a.m.
And he was winning for once.
lt's a miracle.
That's a nice hobby.
He pretty much paid for this shirt.
What a great guy.
lndeed. Oh, here we go, everybody.
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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