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Токийские сумерки

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's not a big deal.
Be quiet. Akiko, tell me.
All she was doing was waiting for a friend
at a cafe.
Why? Why so late?
Akiko, what were you doing there?
You're not going to tell me?
You're not my daughter.
lt's really late, Father.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Akiko, go to bed.
-Let her go.
She's impossible!
How did she become like that?
What can l do?
Akiko's feeling lonely.
That's why she's like that.
You need to be more gentle with her.
She never knew our mother.
That's why she's feeling lonely.
l've done everything l could
to make sure she felt loved.
lt's not the same as a mother's love.
l've even played favourites with her
and given her everything.
l even thought you'd be jealous
because of it.
l guess l failed.
Something's gone wrong.
Raising children...
is difficult.
You should go to bed, Father.
Has Numata gotten in touch with you yet?
-Not yet.
Good night.
Good night.
Still awake?
lt's time for bed.
No one wants me, do they?
What are you talking about?
Just thinking about what Mother did.
l wish l'd never been born.
Take this for me.
Brother! Are you home?
Hello, Auntie.
You're here. Is your father home?
l was worried that
you might have already left.
Not until 12:00.
-lt's okay.
You're a good little baby,
aren't you, Michiko?
Remember what l told you?
About what?
Takako, come here for a minute.
You too, Brother.
-What is it?
-Where is Akiko?
-She's at school.
-Oh. Okay.
-How's Numata?
Good. Like l said.
-Try this. It's a new lotion we're selling.
What do you think?
-About what?
-Akiko's future husband.
The guy with the long face
is the second son
of a former Diet member.
Definitely a long face.
-Actually, that's my favourite.
There's also the second son
of one of our wholesalers.
He often helps his father out in our office.
Very good-looking, like an actor.
l almost forgot to tell you. l ran into her.
l was in a department store, in the elevator.
She looked very familiar from the back.
And it was her!
Yes. She moved here two years ago.
l see.
-Did you know?
She was with a man and she was in a hurry,
but l asked her about her life anyway.
She's had a tough life.
You need to hear this, Takako.
Yamazaki died
in the Amur concentration camp.
Kikko found out about it
when she was in Blagoveschensk.
After that, she came to Nakhodka.
She runs a mah-jong parlour in Gotanda.
She doesn't live alone.
l think that man who was with her
is her new husband.
What is he like?
Messy hair, he looked like a gigolo.
What a coincidence.
lf l hadn't stepped into that elevator,
l wouldn't have met her.
So, what do you think about these two?
l'm Takako.
Come in, please.
Please come in.
Won't you come in?
No, it's okay.
Don't be silly. You must come in.
lt was nice of you to come and see me.
l heard you have a daughter now.
She must be adorable.
What does your husband do?
l came to ask you a favour.
Sure, whatever you want.
Don't let Akiko know that you're her mother.
Akiko doesn't have any memories of you.
She doesn't even remember your face.
She can't deal with finding out
that you're her mother right now.
Why not? Why can't l tell her?
Father couldn't take it.
Please do me this favour. Goodbye.
Who's that woman who just left?
Welcome back.
She's pretty. Who is she?
The sister of that other girl
who was here the other day.
-She was looking for her sister.
-Really? She's very beautiful.
Soma wants to know
if we're taking him up on his offer.
l think l want to go.
Muroran can't be as cold as Chiamussu is.
Manchurian winters are brutal.
So, what do you think?
The job seems pretty good.
Sales Department.
Go if you want.
You don't like the idea?
l'm not going by myself.
l couldn't sleep alone in that cold.
l want you
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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