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about you.
l wonder who she is.
She knew about our brother.
What is she like?
How old is she?
l'm not sure. Very pretty, though.
Does she live alone?
No, she's married.
ls he tall?
Not really. Funny face.
l see.
l was wondering if she was our mother.
-Just a feeling.
She's probably just some stranger.
She couldn't be our mother.
No, probably not.
l was only three at the time.
Chinese Noodles (Chin-Chin-Ken)
-You're by yourself?
-Have you seen Kenji?
Not for the past few days.
He hasn't come in?
When did l deliver noodles to Kenji?
Two nights ago.
l'll be back.
-Who was that?
-That girl
who's always with Kenji.
-She seems upset with you.
-Okay. l'm going.
Close it at the bottom.
Will you?
-You're early.
-l'm on the early shift today.
-Good morning.
-Hey there. How are you?
Have you seen him?
You still haven't found him?
-l saw him.
-l went up to his room.
Why are you looking for him?
l have to talk to him about something.
Don't strain yourself. You'll get sick.
-Did you say something?
-Just talking to myself.
Could l have some water, please?
See you.
You're not going already, are you?
You finally found him.
-We need to talk.
-About what?
-Come with me.
-l'm kind of busy.
lt won't be long.
Go with her, Kenji.
Where did you and that woman go?
-l saw the two of you getting into a car.
l saw you, too. Getting into a car with Kon.
Liar! He doesn't have the guts.
This is awful. What are we going to do?
Are you sure?
Are you calling me a liar?
How could l lie about something like this?
All right. It's just that it's serious trouble.
l'm in more trouble than you are.
This is serious. At least pretend you care.
l do care. l'm just thinking.
You've been avoiding me.
-l have not.
-Yes, you've been trying to hide.
What are we going to do?
ls it really my baby?
Whose else would it be?
Whose do you think it is?
Are you really that suspicious?
Then what are you going to do?
What should l do?
Please don't cry.
Let's think about this.
Oh, my God.
Listen. l have to get going.
l'm meeting Professor Otsuka.
Meet me at Etoile, okay?
l'll be there by 9:30.
l'm gonna go now. Wait for me.
What? Say something.
Good evening.
Thank you very much.
What did you say?
-You're lying.
lt's getting late.
What are you doing?
What's on your mind?
Are you waiting for someone?
lt's none of your business.
Yeah, you've been waiting for a long time.
Where do you live?
Why are you asking me?
Where do you live?
-Who cares?
-You should tell me.
Who are you?
l see you around a lot.
Where do you live?
Tell me.
ls this a habit of yours?
Why do you steal women's underwear?
Are you married?
Are you cold? Come here.
No, l haven't heard anything yet.
Okay, l will.
l'm Akiko Sugiyama's sister.
Oh, you've come. Mr Wada, she's here.
Please go over there.
Sorry to make you come out here.
You're Takako, right? Please have a seat.
My father couldn't make it.
You must have been surprised.
No crime has been committed
but nowadays young people can
get in all sorts of trouble very easily.
Your sister needs to be careful.
lt isn't safe for her to be out late at night.
l'm sorry.
Hey, come over here.
She's very stubborn.
What's wrong, Akiko?
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
l don't want to go home.
Father doesn't know what's going on.
So come along.
Hey, hey!
You're still awake?
Come here.
Akiko, you too.
-Father, it's really late.
-lt doesn't matter. Come here.
Come here, Akiko.
Where were you?
The phone rang after you left.
lt was the police.
Why did you try to hide it from me?
Akiko, what did they want from you?
lt's late. We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Akiko, why did they take you
to the police station?
What did you do? Why won't you talk?
Why did the police take you in?
Our family has a good reputation.
Father, it
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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