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Токийские сумерки

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All right?
You'd better change
I'm all right
It's nothing. Don't worry
I just want to rest a bit
Want medicine?
No, thanks
No fever
Feel chilly?
It's okay
Auntie came today soon after you left
Bustling as usual. She has two
prospects as your future husband
Brought their photographs
One has an awfully long face
Auntie prefers the other one
I'm not going to marry
I can't
Why not?
I don't want to
I guess I don't set a very good example
But Akiko, there are many
happy marriages
Mine is an exception
You're young. Your happiness
lies ahead of you
Mine isn't a typical case
Your life's just beginning.
You'll find happiness
Let me sleep quietly
Are you sleepy?
Go to sleep then. Feel cold?
Call me if you need anything
I'll leave it dark
The president...?
Talking with the dockyards' director
It'll probably be a long talk
You can find me at the usual place
As soon as they finish their
conversation, please let me know
Mr. Sugiyama likes that pinball game
He aims only at the top
It's just like him
The only auditor studying daily reports
Balls won't drop. No.70
Just a minute
It's an odd place to find you
Why, hello
The girl directed me here
Something's up?
Stuck again!
Hasebe has returned, you know
I read about it
He seems to have had a hard time
It might be good
to have an alumni meeting
You'll come?
I guess I could
I have to go to Osaka
for four or five days
Will you notify the others?
Who, me?
Will you? I'm too busy
Can't help it, I guess
Want to try? Take some
Difficult, eh?
Different from golf.
It needs a good thumb
Where shall we meet?
Any place inexpensive
for a big group will do
I guess so
Say, Akiko came to our house
and asked for a loan
Did she tell you?
My wife lent it without asking why
What was the money for?
I'll repay it
Don't hurry!
She needed it suddenly to help a friend
5,000, wasn't it?
Not that much!
You can pay me later
You see, I had already left the house
that day
Is my boss here?
He hasn't come today
Where can he be?
Your boss is missing?
Mahjong nuts...
He stayed here till 2 a.m. Winning too
Unusual. Do such things happen?
A very pleasant hobby
A philanthropist offering money
You said it
He practically bought this shirt for me
A very nice man
So generous. Ah, this is it.
1 ,280, everybody
From everybody?
Wasn't Kenji with you?
He left and went to Shinjuku
Why do you want to chase him
so much?
You're not looking so good
Anything wrong?
Start playing
Good evening
Your sister's pretty, isn't she?
You mean...my sister?
Do you know her?
She was here one day
Looking for you
Let's see. Four, five days ago
What's she so restless about?
Why's Kenji avoiding her?
The reason is serious.
It's a sad, sad story
What does it about?
Tomita is responsible
He's really a bad one
Not me. I had nothing to do with it
Seems otherwise
What is all this?
He denies it. He's a tricky one
And then?
Once upon a time there was a boy
and a girl
attending university together
Young, good-looking and pure...
they were the best of friends
But a villain dwelt in the boy's
apartment house
He sowed the seeds of mischief
in the boy...
Bringing the boy and the girl together...
into relations far from pure
Is that true?
Yes, indeed, truer than true
Shocking, isn't it? Most shocking
That's enough
Wait. There's more to it
The girl left the university
and started studying shorthand
More and more she strayed
from the righteous path...
Joined the villain's group
An old and oft recreated story...
Now the girl is after the boy
It's growing very interesting
Maybe something else is growing too
Maybe she's helping
to increase the population
Are you certain?
Is that true?
Who knows? But in any case
it's an interesting phenomenon
wouldn't you say?
To think that that girl...I'm shocked!
True, quite true. It's shocking
most shocking
Oh, it's you
Come upstairs
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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