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Токийские сумерки

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ve favored her and
given her everything
So much that I feared you'd be jealous
Look at the result.
Something's gone wrong
Bringing up a child is certainly
a difficult task
Better go to bed, Father
Have you had any word from Numata?
Not yet
Good night
Good night, Father
Not in bed yet?
Time to sleep now
I'm not wanted, am I?
What makes you say that?
Knowing what Mother did...
I should never have been born!
Brother! At home?
Hello, Auntie
You here? You father...
Is he home?
I was afraid you'd be gone
Not going until noon today
Don't bother
Well behaved, aren't you, Michiko?
Remember what I said?
About what?
Takako, come here
You too, Brother
Gone to school
Oh! I see
Is Numata well?
That's fine
As I told you...
Try this. It's a new lotion
we're going to sell
What do you think?
As a husband for Akiko
This one with a long face is the second
son of a former Diet member
He certainly has a long face
Personally, I prefer that one...
The son of a wholesaler
with whom we deal
Helping his father.
Comes to our office often
Handsome as an actor
Take a look
I almost forgot...strangest thing...
I met her
I was on an escalator
in a department store
Her back looked very familiar
And it was her!
Who do you mean?
She moved here two years ago
Why, then...
You knew about it?
She was with a man, but anyway...
I asked her about everything.
She's suffered
I want you to hear this
Yamazaki died at the
Amur concentration camp
Kikuko heard about it
at Blagoveschensk
Later she came to Nahodka
Runs a mahjong parlor in Gotanda now
She's not living along
The man with her seems to be
her new husband
What kind of a man?
Look sloppy. Easy going sort
If I'd missed that escalator
we wouldn't have met
What do you think about the two?
I'm Takako
Come in, won't you please?
Won't you come in?
Never mind
Why not? Please come in
It was nice of you to come
I hear you have a daughter now
She must be cute
What does your husband do?
I came to ask you a favor
Ask me whatever you want
Don't tell Akiko that you're her mother
Akiko doesn't remember
anything about you
She doesn't even know
what you look like
This is no time to tell her
you're her mother
Why not? What's wrong with it?
It would be too cruel for Father
Please do as I ask. Goodbye
That woman who just left...
Good looking. Who is she?
The sister of the girl
who came the other day
Is that so? She's a beauty
Soma wants an early reply to his offer
I'm thinking that I'd like to go
Muroran can't be as cold as Chiamussu
Those Manchurian winters!
Well, how about it?
The work isn't bad either.
Sales Department
Go ahead if you want to
Do you dislike the idea?
I wouldn't want to go by myself
I couldn't sleep alone
in freezing Muroran
Go with me. I want you to
Kasahara Clinic - Gynecology
Kasahara Clinic
Get a good rest.
Be careful of a hemorrhage
What do I owe you?
200 today
Thank you
Take care!
Who's next?
Sit down
What was your name again?
Akiko Sugiyama
What did you decide to do?
I think...I'd better...
I see. I agree with you.
You don't look strong enough
What bar are you working at? Shinjuku?
Girls like you come here often
Once in a while the daughter
of some nice family
Drops in here secretly
Must I be hospitalized?
Two or three hours
until the ether wears off
Then rest at home
The thermometer...
There's no fever
Do it today?
Yes...if you please
Regular fee  3,000. You have it?
After it's over, some have no money
they never come back either
You sure you have?
Never mind, if you have it
Come with me
This way please
Good girl, aren't you?
Who is it?
Oh, it's you, Akiko
I'm back
Welcome back!
What's wrong? You look so pale
I have a headache
Caught a cold?
What is it? You act so strange
Shall I make your bed for
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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