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nights ago
I'll come again
Who's that?
That misguided girl
who comes often with Kenji
It's ready
Close it at the bottom
Will you, please?
You're early
Early shift today
Good morning
Howdy. What's up?
Don't you know where he is?
Haven't found him yet?
I saw him
I went to his room but...
What are you chasing him for?
I want to see him
about something
Don't overdo it.
It'll make you dizzy
Just talking to myself
Water, please
So long
What? Leaving already?
Well, you've found him
I have to speak to you
Come with me
I'm kind of busy
It won't take long
Go with her, Kenji
Where'd you
and the madam go?
I saw you two
getting into a car
I saw you too.
Getting into a car with Kon-San
Liar! He doesn't have the nerve
This is terrible.
What'll we do?
You're absolutely sure?
Do you think I'm lying to you?
That I could lie
about such a thing?
I don't think that,
but it's a lot of trouble
I'm the one in trouble.
A lot more than you
Please be serious.
Don't look so indifferent
I'm not indifferent.
I've been thinking a lot
You've been trying to avoid me
That's not true
You've been hiding from me
Tell me, what are we to do?
I wonder. Is it really my child?
Whose else could it be?
Whose child do you think?
Are you that suspicious?
It isn't that
Then what do you intend to do?
What am I to do?
Please... please don't cry
Let's think it over
Look here...
I have to go now
I've got to see Prof. Otsuka.
Wait for me at Etoile, will you?
I'll be there by 9:30
I'm going now.
Be sure to wait
Then what?
Say something
What did you say?
What a liar!
Very late, isn't it?
What are you doing?
Is something worrying you?
Expecting someone?
It doesn't concern you
Yeah, that's right
You've been waiting long.
Where do you live?
Who wants to know?
Where's your home?
You'd better tell me
Who are you?
I see you around often
Where do you live?
Speak up!
Do you do this often?
What do you steal
women's underwear for?
Do you have a wife?
Feeling cold?
Come on over here
I'm Akiko Sugiyama's sister
Over here, please
I'm sorry we had
to ask you to come
You're Takako?
Please sit down
My Father couldn't come and so...
It must have surprised you
No crime involved
But many young people nowadays
go astray over minor things
It isn't good for a girl to be
out late at night
I'm sorry
Come here
Stubborn, isn't she?
What's the matter, Akiko?
What is it?
What's wrong?
I don't want to...
Father doesn't know
anything about it
So come along
Were you still up?
Come here
You too, Akiko
It's late now, Father, and so...
Never mind
Come in here
Where've you been?
The phone rang after you left
It was from the police
Why did you try
and hide it from me?
What did they want with Akiko?
Sit down
It's late.
Let's discuss it tomorrow
Akiko, why were you taken
to the police station?
What did you do?
Why are you silent?
What have you been up to?
This family has
had a good name
It's not that serious, Father
You be quiet.
I'm asking you, Akiko
She was only waiting
for a friend at a tea parlor
What for... at such a late hour?
Akiko, why were you there?
Can't tell me?
You're no child of mine!
Don't say that
It's really late now, Father.
Let's talk about it tomorrow
Akiko, you'd better go to bed
Let her go, Father
She's impossible!
How did she ever
become like that?
Akiko's lonely. I'm sure of it
Please be more gentle with her
She grew up without knowing Mother's
love. That's why she feels lonely
I've tried hard to keep her
from feeling that way
It's different without a Mother
I've favored her and
given her everything
So much that I feared
you'd be jealous
Look at the result.
Something's gone wrong
Bringing up a child is certainly
a difficult task
Better go to bed, Father
Have you had any word
from Numata?
Not yet
Good night
Good night, Father
Not in bed yet?
Time to
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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