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Токийские сумерки

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-l was getting a loan, so l stopped by.
Did you eat lunch?
No, not yet.
Yes, come in.
The funeral is
the day after tomorrow at 1:00.
-Seishoji Temple, 1:00.
Did you ever eat
at that restaurant nearby?
-Delicious. It's a great place.
-What do they have?
-Broiled eels. Can you take lunch now?
What about your loan?
lt's done. Let's go. My treat.
Okay. Let's go.
Come in.
l'm taking my lunch break.
l'll be back by 2:00.
Please take any messages.
Of course.
Where's the ladies' room?
-Down the hall to the right.
-Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Broiled eels and soup.
-Do you want sake?
-lt's a bit early for that.
No, it's not. We'll have some sake.
And fried liver for me.
-May l use your phone?
Good afternoon.
Hello. Who's this?
l'm at an eel restaurant.
Could l speak to the Director, please?
Hi, it's me.
Everything went fine at the bank.
You can go ahead with that proposal.
So you'll deal with it?
What a pain.
Business can be such a hassle.
You're very busy.
Well, being self-employed...
So, about Father's memorial service.
What do you think we should do?
l don't think we need to attend.
l'll send money to the temple.
-Yeah, would you do that?
-1,000 yen should suffice.
-l agree.
By the way, what's Akiko up to?
You haven't spoken lately?
She came to the house
and asked to borrow some money.
-When was that?
-A few days ago.
l remember it very clearly.
She came on Tuesday.
-What did she tell you?
-She wouldn't say why.
-She needed 5,000 yen.
-Did you give it to her?
l couldn't give it to her
without knowing why.
She needs to get married very soon.
l know.
Here you are.
Can we have some pickles, please?
Do you want some sake?
l wonder why she wouldn't tell me.
That's a lot of money.
Why did she need it?
So what did she say?
She just told me to forget it,
and then she left.
Akiko never said anything to me.
Young people never tell you
what they're thinking.
You better find her a husband.
-l can do some matchmaking.
lt shouldn't be a problem.
She's very pretty.
More sake?
Who is it?
Oh, it's you.
You ruined a great hand. l almost won.
That's okay. l had a rotten hand.
Never mind. Come in.
Have you seen Kenji?
He's not home?
Maybe he's still at school.
Not on a fine day like today.
Not even if it's raining.
And still receiving money from home.
Could you lock the door?
l've got a good hand.
l fold.
Okay, let's go.
You don't have any idea
where he could be?
Who, Kenji?
Better take it easy with him.
He's starting to lose weight.
What do you see in him, anyway?
l don't know.
You don't know?
Why are you attracted to him?
You're so nosy.
l know why.
l met a woman who knows about you.
Oh, no!
She works at a mah-jong place.
-Where is it?
-Who is she?
-Yeah, what's her name?
What's the name of the place?
But l've never been there.
She was asking questions about you.
She must think l'm someone else.
-But she knew you.
-That's impossible.
l win.
l'm leaving.
lt's a shame, isn't it?
-Lock the door behind me.
-Hey, got any cigarettes?
See you.
l don't have much to offer you.
Please, have some.
This might be too strong for you, Father.
You must be very busy.
Not really.
Well, my problem is that
there aren't enough foreign books
that need translating.
This arrived several days ago.
Today l saw that someone
has already started working on it.
Look, about Takako...
Oh, yeah.
How's Michiko? She must be a pain.
Not really.
Some say grandchildren are
cuter than one's own children.
Do you think so, Father?
lt might seem like it,
but ultimately it's not true.
How can love
skip a generation like that?
lt's a shame if it does.
Let's just say that
parental love is instinctual.
About Takako...
Right, what's the matter?
What do you think?
Did she tell you anything?
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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