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Токийские сумерки

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love, too
is a primitive animal instinct
About Takako...
Yes, what's the problem?
How do you feel?
Did she say anything to you?
Nothing definite
Two nights ago she suddenly said
she wanted to think things over carefully
When I woke up, she was gone
I'd been working all night,
and woke up late
Have a drink?
Not for me
Japanese whiskey has improved
It's snowing
I didn't expect snow
Snowing so heavily...
It may pile up.
Surprising change of weather
Your coat's wet
I met Numata
I just put her to sleep
It's really cold, isn't it?
As for Numata,
didn't you find it unpleasant...
Meeting him?
Of course not
But he's changed.
He isn't like he used to be
He used to be more cheerful
I think I forced you
to make an unwise decision
It wasn't like that
Marrying Sato might have
been better for you
You seem to have liked him
It doesn't matter now, Father
I persuaded you to marry Numata
I'll see if the bath...
Come here
You asked your aunt for money?
I did
Why didn't you tell me?
What was it for?
It doesn't matter now
Come here
That money...
A friend needed it
You could have asked me
I couldn't
Why not?
You weren't around.
I didn't know where you were
Your bath is ready, Father
What has Akiko done?
Nothing. But she's a headache
This way to Kotobuki-So
Not in the discard yet
Nor this. I guess it's safe
Pon! Three doubles. 960 points
Yakko, you're lucky
The game's only starting
I'm the heaviest loser
Get me some noodles
Bowl of noodles?
Anyone else want to order?
Looks good
I've been losing all the way
Whose turn now?
South Wind now
Shut up, Noboru.
No kibitzing
Can't stop her
Mr. Kanematsu has arrived
I heard you
He says he's in a hurry
I'll go back
This one?
This seems better
No kibitzing!
She's the one you asked about
Good evening
Your turn
All set
So soon?
That's the one.
It's pretty big this time
I'll say. Five doubles!
I'll never get home
Let me play
Losing a little
Doesn't worry me
Have you seen Kenji?
He hasn't come here yet
Akiko, come sit by me
Please come here
How do you know about me?
Didn't you once
live in Ushigome?
As a child.
I don't remember it, though
I was your neighbor then
Is everyone well?
You have a sister
Has she a child?
Yes, a daughter
Is that so?
How old is she?
Just two
Must be cute.
What about your brother?
He died
How did that happen?
While climbing a mountain
When was that?
Summer of 1951
Your noodles are coming
Say, will you get some
rice curry for me?
Hasn't Soma come?
Not yet
I'll make some tea
Won't you please come in?
Where do you live now?
Zoshigaya district
Are you working?
No, I'm studying shorthand
Do you play mahjong often?
Now and then
That's better for you
We've finished
Who won?
That's a cruel question
Biggest loser again.
I can't leave now
Kenji's late
Lock the door, will you?
What about supper?
I ate already
You're still up?
I was waiting
for you to return
Father's worried...
about your coming home late
Why are you late?
Shorthand is difficult
I visit a friend to practice.
I told Father that
Try to come home earlier.
He worries about it
I met a strange woman today.
She knows all about our family
She said she used to be
a neighbor of ours
She owns a mahjong parlor
You went there?
Some friends took me
This woman knows you well
She knew about brother too
What is she like?
About how old?
I'm not sure. She's quite good looking
She lives alone?
No, she has a husband
Is he a tall man?
No so tall.
Rather funny looking
For some reason, I began
wondering if she was my Mother
Just a vague feeling
Probably a stranger.
She couldn't be our Mother
I guess not
It was all so long ago
Yeah, it was
Chinese Noodles (Chin-Chin-Ken)
Has Kenji been here?
Haven't seem him
for several days
He hasn't come?
No, he hasn't
When was it that
I delivered noodles to Kenji?
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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