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Токийские сумерки

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I told you by phone,
I'm leaving on the 9:30 train
to Hokkaido
I want to offer this
to Akiko
Shouldn't I?
Take it then
We may never meet again.
Take care of yourself
I'll be going now.
Good bye
Good thing we came early
and got this seat
She won't come.
It's no use looking
Why would she come?
Have a drink
You'll spill it
I told you it's no use looking.
It's getting cold
Have another one?
No thanks
We'll be on this train
till noon tomorrow
Should have brought a blanket
Not seeing her off?
There's still time
Don't hesitate because of me
I think I'll go back
I don't want Michiko
to feel like Akiko did
A child needs the love
of both parents
You were good to her
but Akiko still felt lonely
She wanted a Mother
Maybe you're right
I did my best,
but I guess it wasn't enough
She might have told a Mother...
things she couldn't tell me
Can you make a go of it
with Numata?
I'd like to very much
Even if it's difficult,
I know I must.
Michiko is growing up
I see.
You'll go back to Numata?
I'll try very hard this time...
not to cause you further worry
I understand
I've been partly to blame
We all have our faults
Anyway, try it,
and I think you'll succeed
I'm determined to
But if I go,
what about you, Father?
Never mind about me
Akiko isn't here now
I'll get along. I can ask
Tomizawa to come again
That's that
Returning early?
As early as I can
What about supper?
Cook the rice for me
I might not eat, though
Leave when you want to.
I have a key
Which shoes today?
I'll wear the blackMy, what a surprise!
Yes, I know
It's become quite cold
Yes, it has
Visiting this area today?
I come now and then
The new branch manager
drops in frequently
He likes Sake
Care for salted trepang?
Sent from my hometown
Sounds good. Warm up some Sake
for me, will you?
I'd like some too
Salted trepang
Also... more Sake
As soon as I get to know you people
the head office snatches you away
But since it means a promotion...
Where's Akemi?
She went skiing with friends
Other side of the Shimizu Tunnel where
the snow piles up 350 kilometers high
350 kilometers can't be right.
You mean centimeters
Is that what it is?
Has your daughter gone already?
Not yet, but she probably will
How about oysters?
They came with the trepang
Very good
Any special way?
Mixed with rice, I guess
I'd like some oysters too
With vinegar. Mixed with rice afterward
No problem
I'll try it with vinegar
You want it too?
Real cold
Isn't it?
Tastes good.
Are you from Shima Peninsula?
That general area
Well now... is that so?
My brother-in-law is from there too
Do you know that area?
Not too well,
but once I went to Kashiko Island
A nice place.
Are you in the pearl business?
Why no... I'm a banker
The sea's so blue there
It's quite deep too
I took a boat trip
around that whole area
Pearls seem to require a place
just like that in which they grow
That "Pearl King" Mikimoto
was a smart one
You're right
Numata was here very late
a few nights ago
Is that so? Alone?
Together with two students
He was already drunk
when he got here
The students were escorting
him home at the time
Did he cause trouble?
Nothing like that at all
Does he come often?
I wouldn't say often
He forgot that hat
Then he'll come for it
Have one on me
You here?
Here you come
Cold outside, isn't it?
I sent her home
Michiko asleep?
When did you come?
Afternoon. Supper, Father?
I've eaten
See my Tabi?
Where are they?
Not around?
Tomizawa must've washed them.
That bottom drawer...
Here they are
Is Numata well?
He's fine
I read one of his articles
in a magazine recently
Quite interesting
Is he asked to write often?
How's everything...
at your place?
Shall I make tea?
Come and warm yourself
It's getting late
It doesn't matter
Didn't Numata go home...
Drunk one night?
He does that very often
Drinks heavily?
He's started to recently
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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