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Токийские сумерки

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Your sister's pretty, isn't she?
You mean... my sister?
Do you know her?
She was here one day
Looking for you
Let's see.
It was four or five days ago
Good bye
What's she so restless about?
Why's Kenji avoiding her?
The reason is serious.
It's a sad, sad story
What's it all about?
Tomita is responsible
He's really a bad one
Not me. I had
nothing to do with it
Seems otherwise
What is all this?
He denies it.
He's a tricky one
And then?
Once upon a time there was
a boy and a girl...
attending the university together
Young, good-looking, and pure,
they were the best of friends
But a villain dwelt in
the boy's apartment house
He sowed the seeds
of mischief in the boy,
bringing the boy and the girl together...
into relations far from pure
Is that true?
Yes, indeed, truer than true
-Shocking, isn't it?
That's enough
Wait. There's more to it
The girl left the university...
and started studying shorthand
More and more she strayed
from the righteous path
She joined the villain's group
An old and oft recreated story...
Now the girl is after the boy
It's growing very interesting
Maybe something else
is growing, too
Maybe she's helping
to increase the population
Are you certain?
Is that true?
Who knows?
But in any case...
it's an interesting phenomenon,
wouldn't you say?
To think that that girl...
I'm shocked!
True, quite true.
It's shocking, most shocking
Oh, it's you
Come upstairs with me.
Right away
Why, what's the matter?
What is it?
Sister, Why did you go
to that mahjong place?
Why did you?
What did you go there for?
Why didn't you tell me?
If I had told you...
How did you learn
about that place?
Auntie said...
How did Auntie know about it?
Tell me the truth!
Auntie met her
Met who?
Then that woman is our Mother?
Why did you say
she couldn't be our Mother?
I didn't think she'd come back,
that she could ever
return to Tokyo
Why couldn't she?
Tell me, why not?
Please be honest with me
What happened?
Why did Mother leave Father?
It was while Father
was away in Seoul
We had another home then
One of Father's subordinates,
Yamazaki, came often...
and helped in many ways
He was a tall, interesting man.
We both liked him
I was a child then too,
and didn't understand...
what was happening
Mother and that man...
Never speak of this
in front of Father
I remember soon after Father
came back, he took us to the zoo
It was a bright day.
You were so happy
You toddled this way and that
On the way home,
you fell asleep...
and Father had to carry you
When we got home
Mother had gone away
She never returned
But Akiko, never
mention this to Father
Since that day he's tried
so hard to forget
I'm not Father's child
Akiko, what
are you talking about?
I must take after my Mother.
I'm not at all like Father
It's Mother's impure blood
No! That's ridiculous!
Why do you think that?
It must be!
I'm not his child!
It's Father
I'll go ask him!
You don't understand
What is it!
I want you to tell me...
What's going on?
Is she here?
You mean Kikuko?
Good evening. Alone?
There's something I want to ask
What can it be?
Come with me
Going out?
Just for awhile
Now, what is it?
Can we talk alone somewhere?
Let me see. I know a place
Come this way
Can I use your room?
Certainly. It's untidy, though
Don't bother
With no one to help me
I guess this will have to do
Come in. Not too nice but...
You had a question?
Tell me who my Father is
I know you're my Mother
Who told you?
Who said that to you?
My sister
Takako told you?
whose child am I anyway?
I'm sorry, Akiko
It isn't that I forgot
about you and Takako
I thought about you always
Your brother, too
I didn't know he was dead
I kept worrying about you
Even if I admitted
that I did wrong...
you wouldn't forgive me
Never mind that
All I want to know is...
whose child am I anyway?
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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