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Токийские сумерки

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With vinegar. Mixed with rice afterward
No problem
I'll try it with vinegar
You want it too?
Real cold
Isn't it?
Tastes good.
Are you from Shima Peninsula?
That general area
Well now... is that so?
My brother-in-law is from there too
Do you know that area?
Not too well,
but once I went to Kashiko Island
A nice place.
Are you in the pearl business?
Why no... I'm a banker
The sea's so blue there
It's quite deep too
I took a boat trip
around that whole area
Pearls seem to require a place
just like that in which they grow
That "Pearl King" Mikimoto
was a smart one
You're right
Numata was here very late
a few nights ago
Is that so? Alone?
Together with two students
He was already drunk
when he got here
The students were escorting
him home at the time
Did he cause trouble?
Nothing like that at all
Does he come often?
I wouldn't say often
He forgot that hat
Then he'll come for it
Have one on me
You here?
Here you come
Cold outside, isn't it?
I sent her home
Michiko asleep?
When did you come?
Afternoon. Supper, Father?
I've eaten
See my Tabi?
Where are they?
Not around?
Tomizawa must've washed them.
That bottom drawer...
Here they are
Is Numata well?
He's fine
I read one of his articles
in a magazine recently
Quite interesting
Is he asked to write often?
How's everything...
at your place?
Shall I make tea?
Come and warm yourself
It's getting late
It doesn't matter
Didn't Numata go home...
Drunk one night?
He does that very often
Drinks heavily?
He's started to recently
Something seems
to be bothering him
Welcome back!
Were you home?
I made your bed
Have some tea, Akiko
No thanks
You're not going home?
Why not?
Has something happened again,
between you and Numata?
That's not so good
Shall I make your bed, Father?
It can't be helped...
Takako. Come and sit down
What is it?
Never mind.
Just leave me alone
Numata's that kind of a man
It's a form of sickness.
He becomes so irritable
Takes it out on Michiko,
poor child!
If a friend is praised,
or some trouble at school...
You shouldn't let it bother you
It's a neurosis that he has
I'll go and see him
It'll only be unpleasant for you
He's like that
You have a visitor
Hello, Sister
Come over here
What's the matter?
Came here about a loan and so...
Finished lunch?
Not yet
That funeral is the day
after tomorrow at 1 PM
1 PM... Seishoji Temple?
Ever go to that
restaurant near here...
Very tasty. It's a nice place
They serve broiled eels
Can you go now?
Yes, let's go there.
I'll treat
All right, let's try it
I'm going out. Back before 2.
Take care of the phone calls
Where's the washroom?
Washroom? On the right
Broiled eels and soup
Sake for you?
Not during the day
Why not? Bring Sake
And fried liver for one
I want to make a phone call
Hello. Good afternoon
Hello. Who's speaking?
I'm at an eel restaurant now
Call Director Shinoda...
Hello. Everything went fine
at the bank
You can go ahead
on that proposition
Will you handle it?
Thank you
So much fuss... doing business
You seem quite busy
Well, when it's one's own business...
What about the memorial service?
What should we do?
No need to attend.
I'll send money to the temple
Will you do that?
All right
Ґ 1,000 ought to be enough
I think so
By the way, what's Akiko doing?
She came to the house and
asked me to lend her money...
a few days ago
I remember exactly now.
It was Tuesday
She wouldn't tell me what for.
She wanted Ґ 5,000
You gave it to her?
How could I
not knowing why?
Listen, I think it would be wise
to find her a husband soon
Why wouldn't she
tell me the reason?
It's a lot of money for her.
Why did she want it?
What did she do?
She said "never mind", and left
Akiko never told me
It's hard to tell what young
people are thinking about
Better get her married off
Want me to look for prospects?
It should be easy. She's pretty
Токийские сумерки Токийские сумерки

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