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Токийская история

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Behave yourself
or I'll tell your father.
Go ahead.
Very well.
Remember those words.
I'm not afraid.
What's the matter?
I just don't know.
Come on, Isamu.
Let's take a walk.
Minoru too.
Let's go.
Go with Grandma, all right?
Why don't you come too?
We're going.
I'm sorry.
Minoru, go with her.
Don't want to!
As you like.
What's the matter?
He's so stubborn.
So was Koichi.
Never listened to anyone.
Always had to have his own way.
You must be disappointed, Father.
No, not at all.
We'll go next Sunday.
That would be fine.
After a few days here,
I think we'll go to Shige's.
Look. There they are.
What are you going to be
when you grow up?
A doctor like your father?
By the time you become a doctor,
I wonder if I'll still be here.
There was a phone call
from Mr. Enomoto about the job.
Then it's all arranged.
Where are they?
I bought some cakes for them.
Have one. They're good.
They don't need such expensive cakes.
Good, eh?
Good, but too expensive.
Crackers would have been
good enough for them.
But they had crackers yesterday.
They like them.
Will you take them
out somewhere tomorrow?
I'm afraid I'll have
to collect some bills.
I see.
Koichi should do something.
How about the Kinsha-tei tonight?
What's on?
Some naniwabushi recital.
That's good.
They'd like that.
They haven't gone anywhere
since they got here.
Too bad they have
to stay upstairs all day.
It is, but there's nobody
to take them out.
She's got you working.
Well, hello.
What a job.
Where's Father?
Up on the laundry platform.
Don't you want to go to the baths?
Let's go to the baths.
Oh, hello.
Let's go out to a public bath.
And get ice cream on the way back.
Why, thank you.
We're going off to the baths.
Use my wooden sandals, Mother.
The old ones.
Is this the Yoneyama Firm?
May I speak to Noriko Hirayama?
Thank you.
Noriko? It's me.
Oh, no. Don't mention it.
Look, I need a favor.
Do you have any time
to spare tomorrow?
Father and Mother
haven't been anywhere yet.
That's right.
I wonder if you could take them out
somewhere tomorrow.
I really should take them myself,
but I'm just too busy.
Sorry to trouble you.
No problem at all.
Will you wait a second?
Excuse me.
May I have the day off tomorrow?
Thank you.
- How aboutAsahi Aluminum?
I'll finish it today.
Hello? Sorry to keep you waiting.
I'll be at your place
at 9:00 tomorrow.
No, don't worry.
Give them my best regards.
See you tomorrow.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Tokyo.
Let's trace the history
of the great city of Tokyo.
The Imperial Palace,
formerly called the Chiyoda Castle,
was built some 500 years ago
by Lord Dokan Ota.
Its quiet setting
with its green pine trees and moat
is quite a contrast
to the bustle of Tokyo.
Koichi's house is that way.
And Shige's?
Probably over there.
And yours?
My place is --
Someplace over there, I think.
It's really a mess,
but I hope you'll drop in later.
Who is it?
You're back early.
- Is Miko-chan asleep?
- She just went to bed.
Do you have any sake?
My parents-in-law are visiting.
I have a little.
Is this enough?
Where did he have this photo taken?
Kamakura. A friend of his took it.
When was it?
A year before he was drafted.
So like him.
With his head to one side.
He always stood like that.
What is it?
Do you have some cups?
Just washed them.
Take these stewed green peppers.
Thank you.
I keep bothering you.
Don't go to any trouble, Noriko.
It's no trouble at all.
Thank you so much for today.
Not at all.
But I'm afraid you're tired.
Oh, no.
We saw so many places,
thanks to you.
I'm sorry you had to spend
the whole day with us.
Was it really all right?
Certainly, Father.
Please don't worry.
We used to work even on Sunday.
Now, we're not so busy,
so I can take a day off.
Really? Then it's all right.
I don't have much
Токийская история Токийская история

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