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Токийская история

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it there.
It's cooler now.
It must be very hot in Onomichi.
Yes, it is.
Mother, how is Mrs. Ko?
She really must have been born
under an unlucky star.
She's had bad luck this year again.
After her husband died,
she married a man in Kurashiki.
Took her child with her.
But I hear she's not so happy.
Poor woman.
Papa, what was the name of that man?
The one who worked for the city.
Mr. Mihashi? He died.
Some time ago.
Yes, that's right.
Remember Mr. Hattori?
Of the Military Affairs Section?
I remember him.
He's living in Tokyo now.
I plan to visit him.
Where does he live?
He lives in the Taito Ward.
His address is in my notebook.
Have one -- from Keizo.
He's sound asleep.
Don't bother. Let him sleep.
They'll go sightseeing tomorrow?
I'll take them around.
Good. Shall we leave, Noriko?
I suppose so.
It was good of you to come.
I'll see you soon, Papa.
Don't bother.
Sorry to stay so long.
You must be tired, Father.
Mama, how about going to bed?
Shall we go to bed, then?
Good night.
I'll bring some water.
Aren't you tired?
Not really.
I'm glad they're all well.
We're here at last.
What part of Tokyo is this, I wonder?
A suburb, I think.
It must be.
It was a long ride from the station.
I thought it would be
in some livelier part of the city.
Koichi wanted to move
to a livelier place,
but I'm afraid it wasn't easy.
How long will they stay in Tokyo?
A few more days.
Shouldn't I go see them?
Don't bother.
They'll come here anyway.
I'll take them to a show
or something.
You needn't bother.
These beans are good.
What are they doing today?
Don't eat them all up.
Today my brother's
taking them somewhere.
Really? Then I'm free.
Breakfast time, Kiyo-chan.
Behave yourselves.
Grandma and Grandma will be with us.
Do you understand?
I understand.
- We're late. Aren't we going?
- Yes, soon.
Go upstairs and ask them
if they're ready.
Are you ready?
We've kept you waiting.
He says we can go now.
- Let's go.
- All right.
Where will you eat?
At the department store.
The children will like that.
Good. Isamu likes
the children's lunch there.
How is he?
Any appetite?
No. He'll only drink something cold.
- Did his fever go down?
- His temperature is still 102.
I'd better go see him.
Thank you.
I'm sorry to spoil your Sunday.
Are the hypodermics disinfected?
I must see a patient.
Father, I've got to go see a sick child.
He's not doing well.
I'm sorry.
- We'll wait.
It may take quite a while.
That's all right.
I'm sorry, Mother.
Aren't we going yet?
I may be late.
What will we do about them?
Shall I take them?
You can't leave the house
without someone here.
We'lljust go next Sunday.
All right.
- Where's he going?
- To a patient's.
I'm awfully sorry.
No, no.
A good doctor is a busy doctor.
He works very hard.
Mama, aren't we going?
It can't be helped.
A patient needs him.
It's not fair.
There'll be another time.
Minoru, behave yourself.
Just leave the room.
- You liar!
- You heard me!
- Come here.
- Don't want to.
Bad boys!
Well, boys should be lively.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
It's no fair!
But we'll go next time.
Always next time!
We never go!
It can't be helped.
You always say that.
Don't be so difficult.
It's not fair!
Behave yourself
or I'll tell your father.
Go ahead.
Very well.
Remember those words.
I'm not afraid.
What's the matter?
I just don't know.
Come on, Isamu.
Let's take a walk.
Minoru too.
Let's go.
Go with Grandma, all right?
Why don't you come too?
We're going.
I'm sorry.
Minoru, go with her.
Don't want to!
As you like.
What's the matter?
He's so stubborn.
So was Koichi.
Never listened to anyone.
Always had to have his own way.
You must be disappointed, Father.
No, not at all.
We'll go next Sunday.
That would be fine.
After a few days here,
I think we'll go to Shige's.
Look. There they are.
What are you
Токийская история Токийская история

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