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Токийская история

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you know.
Has the headache gone?
Let this be a warning.
I'm sure it was a good lesson.
You've been vey kind to us - all of you.
We enjoyed our trip.
You were so nice to us, children.
Now that we've seen you all,
you need not come down,
even if anything should happen
to either one of us.
Don't talk like that.
This isn't a farewell.
I mean it.
We live too far away.
I'm sory about yesterday.
- I heard your parents came.
- Yes. What a mess.
They weren't supposed to get
off the train, but Mother became ill.
What was the trouble?
She says she feels sick around here.
Is it her heart?
Travel sickness. She hadn't
taken the train for a long time.
What a bother.
Had to borrow blankets
and send for the doctor twice.
What a mess.
How is she now?
Feeling fiine this morning.
How old is she?
Let me see.
She's way over 60.
Sixty-seven or 68, maybe.
Vey old.
Take good care of her.
"Be a good son
while your parents are alive."
That's right.
"None can serve his parents
beyond the grave."
It must have been because
the train was so crowded.
Feel better?
Thanks. I feel fiine.
I'll be able to leave tonight.
We could stay here one more night
and take a less crowded train.
Kyoko must be worried about us.
But we're here in Osaka, seeing Keizo.
In ten days
we've seen all our children.
Grown-up grandchildren, too.
Some grandparents seem to like their
grandchildren more than their children.
What do you think?
What about you?
I like my children better.
But I'm surprised
how children change.
Shige used to be much nicer before.
A married daughter
is like a stranger.
Koichi has changed too.
He used to be such a nice boy.
Children don't live up
to their parents' expectations.
Let's just be happy
that they're better than most.
They're certainly
better than average.
We're fortunate.
I think so.
We should consider ourselves lucky.
Yes, we are vey lucky.
Papa and Mama
had to get off at Osaka.
Is that so?
She became sick on the train,
and they got home on the 10th.
Is she all right?
I think so.
They wrote many thanks.
She was tired.
Yes, the trip was too much for her.
Was she satisfiied?
Why wouldn't she be?
She saw lots of places.
Atami, too.
She'll talk about Tokyo
for a long while.
A telegram?
No, not yet.
From Onomichi.
It's so odd.
It says Mama is dying.
How strange.
I just got Father's letter.
It says they stopped off at Osaka
because Mother felt sick.
They got home on the 10th.
Just hold the line.
- From Onomichi.
- Read it.
"Mother critically ill - Kyoko."
The telegram just arrived.
You just got one too?
I'll come over.
See you soon.
I'll be waiting.
How did it happen so suddenly?
Is it serious?
Should I tell Noriko?
Yes, please do.
Yoneyama Trading Company.
Hold the line, please.
It's for you.
For me?
Oh, hi.
Is that right?
What does it mean?
I could see Father falling ill,
but it's Mother.
Vey bad?
I think so,
because it says "critically ill."
I guess we have to go then.
I felt strange at the station.
She said, "If anything should happen -"
She must have had a bad feeling,
somehow or other.
We've got to go, anyway.
Since she is critically ill.
If we're going, we better hury.
We'll take the express.
Yes, but I have to make all kinds
of arrangements before I leave.
Me, too.
At this busy time, too.
Come in.
Can you bring a bandage?
Let's leave tonight.
Might as well, if we have to go.
See you later.
What about mourning clothes?
We might need them.
Let's take them,
but I hope we don't need to use them.
I'll meet you at the station.
I'm going to meet them.
That's vey good of you.
What's the matter?
Is it too hot?
The children are coming to see you.
Kyoko's gone to meet them.
They'll be here any moment.
You'll get well.
You'll get well.
I'm sure you will.
Her blood pressure went down.
She's still in a coma.
Her reaction's weak.
Токийская история Токийская история

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