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Токийская история

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with him.
Leave him alone.
Let's drink up tonight.
Wonderful, wonderful.
Yes, a wonderful night.
Thank you.
That's quite enough.
It's been a long day today.
Back from Atami,
then to Shige's house,
then to Ueno Park.
You must be tired.
No, not so much,
and here I am, troubling you.
I'm vey sory.
But I really appreciate your coming.
I'm so happy.
I'm a burden to eveyone.
There now.
That's enough, really.
You must go to bed now.
You have your work tomorrow morning.
You need sleep, too.
Let's both go to bed.
Thank you. I think I will.
What a treat
to sleep in my dead son's bed.
Forgive me if I'm rude,
but it's been eight years
since my son's death,
yet you still keep
his photo here like that.
I feel sory for you.
Because you're young and -
I'm not that young anymore.
Yes, you are.
I feel we're doing wrong.
I've often talked to Father about this.
Should you have the chance,
please get married,
anytime you want.
I mean it.
It pains us that you won't remary.
All right. If I have the chance -
You certainly will.
Why wouldn't you?
You think so?
You had more trouble
than happiness after marying him.
I know we should have
done something for you.
Please. I'm quite happy.
But you should have had
a better life.
I'm happy.
I like it this way.
You may be happy
while you're still young.
But as you become older,
you'll fiind it lonely.
I won't get that old,
so don't wory.
You're so nice.
Good night, then.
Good night.
Excuse me.
Mr. And Mrs. Kaneko?
Who is it?
Who could it be?
- Who is it?
- The police. Offiicer Takashi.
I've brought you your friends.
They're quite drunk.
Why, Father!
Good night.
Who's he, Father?
Father, what is all this?
What's happened?
He's not alone.
- Who is it?
- Some stranger.
What's all this, Father?
Father! Answer me!
You've started drinking again,
haven't you?
You too.
You're impossible.
What happened?
Where did he drink so much?
How should I know?
He used to drink all the time.
Used to come home dead drunk,
upsetting Mama.
We hated it.
But he stopped drinking
after Kyoko was born.
He was like a new man,
and I thought that was great.
Now he's started again.
What shall we do?
I didn't expect him back here tonight,
let alone with company!
We can't leave them there.
It can't be helped.
Let's have Kiyo come down
and we'll put them upstairs.
They're too drunk to make it.
What will we do, then?
What a mess.
You sleep upstairs.
I'll put them here.
What a bother.
Why didn't he tell me
he was coming back?
So late and so drunk!
I hate drunkards.
With a stranger, too.
Oh, this is disturbing.
Thank you for putting me up.
I'm sory this place is such a mess.
Won't you be late for work?
No, I have quite enough time.
- Mother?
- What is it?
I want you to accept this.
Though it's not much.
What is it?
A little spending money.
Oh, no.
Please, Mother!
Come, Mother!
You can't do this.
It's I who should give you something.
Please take it, Mother.
Must I?
Then thank you vey much, dear.
You must need money for yourself,
but still you do this.
I don't know how to say it...
but thank you so much.
Thank you.
Let's be going.
If you come up
to Tokyo again, Mother,
please come visit again.
But I'm afraid
I won't be coming back.
I know you're busy,
but do ty to come to Onomichi.
I'd really like to,
if it were a bit nearer.
You're right.
It's so far away.
Mother, are these yours?
Thank you.
I've gotten so forgetful.
Let's go.
Will they get seats?
Yes, we're in a good position here.
The train should be in Nagoya
or Gifu around morning.
And arrive in Onomichi?
1:35 tomorrow afternoon.
Have you wired Kyoko?
I have.
Keizo will meet you at Osaka, too.
I hope Mother will have
a good sleep on the train.
She always sleeps well anywhere.
Even if I don't,
I'll be home tomorrow afternoon.
Don't drink too much, Father.
Last night was an exception.
A reunion,
Токийская история Токийская история

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