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Токийская история

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of fiish would always drop.
All these years, we've missed
the taste of that wonderful fiish.
Tell my friends
I'll be playing pinball, will you?
We rent the upstairs room to that man.
A real playboy.
He's a law student,
but he never studies.
He spends his time
at pinball and mahjong.
I'm sory for his father back home.
Let's go out for a drink somewhere.
I just don't seem to have
anything in the house.
No, I didn't tell you I was coming.
Do you remember our old police chief?
- Numata?
- He lives nearby.
Is that so?
How's he doing now?
He's retired.
His son is a big man
at a big printing company.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
Let's go see him.
By all means.
That would be fiine.
- Have some more sake.
- I've had plenty.
Drink up, for old time's sake.
I haven't drunk for a long time.
You used to be a real drinker.
Remember the governor's visit
to Onomichi?
At Takemuraya?
You got drunk.
That young geisha who served -
You liked her, didn't you?
And the governor happened
to like her too, remember?
You liked her too, eh?
Oh, the fool I've always
made of myself by drinking.
Oh, no. Sake is good for the health.
You're lucky your children
are all settled.
Oh, I don't know about that.
I often wish at least
one of my sons were alive.
Must have been hard
to lose both of them.
Didn't you lose one?
Yes, my second son.
I've had enough of war.
Yes, indeed.
To lose your children is hard,
but living with them
isn't always easy, either.
A real dilemma.
Let's change the subject.
And cheer up.
If I had an extra bedroom for you,
we'd drink till morning.
Miss, more sake!
Anyway, I'm vey glad you came.
I never dreamed
I'd see you here in Tokyo.
Here's a warm one.
Pour it for me.
You're so drunk.
Look, Hirayama.
She resembles someone, doesn't she?
There he goes again.
Don't you think so?
Well, who?
Yes, she does.
That young geisha?
Oh, no! She was fatter.
This one resembles my wife.
Yes, you're right.
See, especially here -
Why don't you leave?
You've had enough.
And both are bad-tempered.
You're a real nuisance.
My wife says so too.
Come here and pour for me.
Have some more.
No, thanks.
I think you're
the luckiest one of all.
How come?
With good sons and daughters
to be proud of.
You can be proud of yours too.
No, my son's no good.
He's henpecked
and treats me like I'm in the way.
He's nothing.
But being department head
is a good position.
Department head, nothing!
He's only an assistant section chief.
I get to feeling so low
that I lie to people.
He's a failure.
I don't think so.
He's my only son, so I spared the rod -
and spoiled him.
You brought your son up proper.
He has a degree.
But all doctors have to have degrees.
I'm afraid we expect
too much of our children.
They lack spirit.
They lack ambition.
I've told that to my son.
He said that there are
too many people in Tokyo.
That it's hard to get ahead.
What do you think?
Young people today have no backbone.
Where is their spirit?
That's not how I raised him!
But Numata -
You don't agree with me?
You're satisfiied?
Of course not, but -
You see?
Even you're not satisfiied.
I feel so sad.
No more to drink.
However, until I came up to Tokyo,
I was under the impression
that my son was doing better.
But I've found that he is
only a small neighborhood doctor.
I know how you feel.
I'm as dissatisfiied as you are.
But we can't expect too much
from our children.
Times have changed.
We have to face it.
That's what I think.
It is?
I see.
You, too!
My son has really changed,
but I can't help it.
After all, there are
too many people in Tokyo.
Do you think so?
I suppose I should be happy.
Maybe you're right.
Nowadays some young men
kill their parents without a thought.
Mine at least wouldn't do that.
Look, it's midnight.
So what?
It's closing time.
You get more and more like my wife.
I like you, you know?
Do something
Токийская история Токийская история

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