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Токийская история

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What do you think?
I agree.
Let's do it.
We can't do anything for them here.
Right. Atami's the place.
They can enjoy the baths and rest.
An old couple would like that better
than walking around Tokyo.
That's right.
My, they're late.
Maybe they're at Noriko's.
I've never been able to come to a spa.
We've cost them more money.
Doesn't it feel nice here?
Let's get up early in the morning
and take a walk along the beach.
There must be many good views.
A maid here told me so.
The sea is so quiet.
- Thank you for waiting.
- The noodles are ready.
- Oh, so you had that piece.
- Ouch, that hurt.
There it is.
- I'll take that one.
- Ready.
- Ready?
- You discarded this one, right?
- Yeah, I did.
How do you like that, idiot?
That makes 1632.
He beat us.
It's awfully lively.
What time is it now?
What's the matter?
It's because
you didn't sleep well last night.
No, but you did.
I couldn't sleep a wink.
You did. You snored.
Anyway, this place is meant
for the younger generation.
That's true.
Those newlyweds last night.
Do you believe
they're really newlyweds?
This morning she was smoking in bed
after he got up.
He's an idiot.
He said, "You belong to me.
Your ears, eyes, mouth -
All of you is mine."
Who knew what belongs to who?
I wonder what Kyoko
is doing at home now.
Let's go back home.
You must be homesick already.
You're the one
who really wants to go home.
We've seen Tokyo.
We've seen Atami.
Let's go home.
What's the matter?
I felt a bit dizzy.
I'm all right now.
You didn't sleep well.
That's why.
Shall we ty the upsweep?
I'm sure it would become you.
You have a good neckline.
Make the left side tight
and add a fluffy wave on this side.
Maybe next time I'll ty that.
It would be vey stylish.
Get me another magazine
and matches.
Welcome back.
Why, you're back so soon.
You should've stayed longer!
We're home.
Who are they?
Oh, just friends from the county.
Here, do these pin curls.
Why didn't you stay longer?
How was Atami?
Vey nice.
We liked the baths.
We had a nice view
from the hotel window.
That was a nice modern hotel.
Was it crowded?
A bit crowded, I'd say.
How was the food?
Vey good fiish -
Of course.
It's right on the sea.
And they served big omelets, too.
Why didn't you stay
for a few days longer?
We wanted you to relax.
We think it's about time we went home.
It's too soon.
You don't come up to Tokyo vey often.
But we'd better be going.
Kyoko may be lonesome at home, too.
Mother, she isn't a baby anymore.
Here I was, planning
to take you to see the Kabuki.
We don't want to put you
to so much expense.
Never mind that.
However, I've a meeting here tonight
with the other beauticians.
Are many coming?
It's my turn to provide the place.
We came back at the wrong time.
That's why we wanted you
to stay at Atami.
I should have told you so.
We've done the pin curls.
Just a minute.
What'll we do?
I don't know.
We can't go back to Koichi's again
and trouble them anymore.
That's true.
Shall we go to Noriko's?
She can't have both of us.
You go there alone.
What about you?
I think I'll visit the Hattoris.
I'll stay overnight if I can.
In any case, we should leave.
We're really homeless now.
Noriko may be home by now.
It may be a bit early.
But if you want to visit the Hattoris,
you'd better go now.
Yes, we'd better go.
You're so forgetful.
Look how big Tokyo is.
Yes, isn't it?
If we got lost,
we'd never fiind each other again.
I can't believe it's been so long.
It's already 17 or 18 years.
You've sent me
a New Year's card evey year.
And so have you.
I suppose Onomichi
has changed a great deal.
Fortunately the city
wasn't bombed in the war.
The place where you lived
is still as it used to be.Is that so?
It was a nice place.
We used to like
the view from the temple.
After the chery season,
the price
Токийская история Токийская история

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