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Токийская история

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We need the space.
What about my exams?
I need a place to study.
Study anywhere you like!
Tell me: Where am I
supposed to study?
Mama! Tell me where.
Keep quiet.
You never study anyway.
I do too.
You do not.
So I don't have to study, right?
No more studying, right?
What are you saying?
They're here.
Oh, you're back.
Please come on in.
Please come in.
Yes, please come in.
Sleep well on the train?
You must be tired.
Vey well.
Come here.
It's good to see you again.
I just hope
we're not inconveniencing you.
It's been a long time, Mother.
It really has.
It's wonderful to see you.
How's our sister Kyoko?
Just fiine, thank you.
She stayed behind
to look after the house.
I've brought a little something.
Some crackers.
Got them in the neighborhood.
Mama likes them.
Something to put them on?
A tray will do.
How about this?
Did Noriko come to the station?
No, but I phoned her.
Wonder what happened.
Come along.
What are you doing?
Come here.
These are your grandparents.
My, aren't they getting big.
Minoru is a junior high school student.
He is?
How old are you, Isamu?
Tell her.
The bath is ready anytime.
How about a bath, Father?
Want to change your clothes, Mama?
Please don't bother.
Let's go.
Let me cary these.
Did Keizo meet you at Osaka?
Yes, he was there.
We had sent him a telegram.
Was he all right?
He sent you something.
Later's all right.
You have a towel, Father?
Take your time.
What shall we feed them?
What about some meat?
Maybe sukiyaki.
That sounds good.
And some sashimi.
We don't need that too.
Oh, meat's enough.
We'll just have sukiyaki.
That's Noriko.
It's good to see you.
- I got to the station late.
- You went?
They had already left,
so I missed them.
They're upstairs.
I'll just go up and say hello.
Welcome to Tokyo.
- What a long time it's been.
- Yes, hasn't it.
You must have been vey busy.
Not really.
But when I fiinished, it was too late.
You didn't have to come today.
We'll be here for some time.
Are you still working
for the same company?
It must be hard
to be on your own.
Your bath is ready.
Let me help you.
Oh, that's all right.
It's like a dream being in Tokyo.
And it didn't seem so far.
Yesterday we were in Onomichi,
and today here we are with you.
I'm glad I lived to this day.
The world has changed so.
But you haven't changed at all.
Of course we have.
We're old folks now.
Let's go downstairs.
Mama, you've grown taller.
Don't be silly.
How could I have grown?
But you have.
And you're even fatter.
She was so big
when I was little
that I used to feel ashamed
in front of my friends.
Once in school,
a chair broke under her.
Oh, that chair was already broken.
She still thinks that.
Well, it was.
Anyway, it doesn't matter.
I'll put this away.
- What about this?
- Leave it there.
It's cooler now.
It must be vey hot in Onomichi.
Yes, it is.
Mother, how is Mrs. Ko?
She really must have been born
under an unlucky star.
She's had bad luck this year again.
After her husband died,
she married a man in Kurashiki.
Took her child with her.
But I hear she's not so happy.
Poor woman.
Papa, what was the name of that man?
The one who worked for the city.
Mr. Mihashi? He died.
Some time ago.
Yes, that's right.
Remember Mr. Hattori?
Of the Militay Affairs Section?
I remember him.
He's living in Tokyo now.
I plan to visit him.
Where does he live?
He lives in the Taito Ward.
His address is in my notebook.
Have one - from Keizo.
He's sound asleep.
Don't bother. Let him sleep.
They'll go sightseeing tomorrow?
I'll take them around.
Good. Shall we leave, Noriko?
I suppose so.
It was good of you to come.
I'll see you soon, Papa.
Don't bother.
Sory to stay so long.
You must be tired, Father.
Mama, how about going to bed?
Shall we go to bed, then?
Good night.
I'll bring some water.
Токийская история Токийская история

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