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He was wounded?
Wounded in his shoulder.
He was all marked
like a dog after a fight,
you can't say what he has more,
crosses or scars.
What does he look like? Grigory.
Like he always was: hook-nosed
and dark.
Like a Turk.
l don't mean that.
Has he grown old?
The devil only knows,
he may have grown old a bit.
His woman had twins,
so he's not very old.
lt's cold here.
Disgusting, dirty louse,
what can be worse?
Only yesterday she ran around
the village in her bast shoes,
and now she'll never say 'in here',
only 'here'.
l hate those women,
they're all bitches...
Viper's breed!
lt's cold here.'
And there she goes!
The mare's snivel! Really!
lt was all fatally
l foresaw this
at the very beginning of the war.
The dynasty was doomed.
Has the tsar really abdicated?
Of course.
lt's no laughing matter.
Listen to what my son writes:
Yes, papa, extremely
ominous events.
The soldiers are all demoralized.
You may go.
They don't want to fight,
they're tired.
This year we no longer have soldiers
in the generally accepted sense.
You can't imagine
how demoralized
our army has become.
And there's worse to come.
By the people's will,
the Emperor Nicholas ll
who reigned to this day...
...has been deposed
Good riddance!
The power has been passed
to the Provisional Committee
of the State Duma.
The army, you included,
must take this news...
Stop it!
Stop it!
The Cossacks' duty is to defend
their country as valiantly
from the encroachments
of the external
and... and the onslaught
of the external enemy.
At the time of such great
we should be as firm as...
- As steel.
- As steel.
We'll continue to fight as
valorously as before,
and leave it
to the State Duma...
Let the State Duma decide
the destiny of the country.
There's no place for politics
in the army.
- No!
- Let me speak.
This is no way!
They want to make fools of us again.
They want to cheat us!
As long as there's a revolution
and all the people
are given freedom,
it means the war
must be ended.
Am l saying it accurately?
Am l right?
Yes... What will all this end up in?
What do you think?
Oh, God! You live here and you
haven't understood the situation yet?
There will sure be
a coup d'etat.
Kornilov will head the government.
The army is behind him.
Our people reason this way.
There're two equal powers now:
Kornilov and the Bolsheviks.
Kerensky is between
these two millstones,
if not one then another
will grind him up.
He'd better sleep in the tsarina's
bed now, as long as it's vacated.
But the army... Will the entire
army follow Kornilov?
Of course, the soldiers won't by
themselves. We'll lead them.
The day after tomorrow,
Moscow will be welcoming Kornilov.
lt's a matter of every officer' honour
to be there.
l'm leaving tonight.
- l'm going with you.
- Certainly. Good for you.
lt's not the time, not the time.
August 191 7
As long as Cossacks are singing,
the situation is not that bad.
They sing rarely now,
they hold protest rallies instead.
We should learn
to talk to people.
Cornet Bunchuk?
You're not in prison?
Sorry, but l won't give you my hand.
l had no intention of
giving you mine, either.
Saving your skin here?
Or have you come from Petrograd,
from darling Kerensky?
ls this an interrogation?
Mere curiosity about
the history of a deserter.
Don't worry,
l'm not from Kerensky.
Then what are you?
No epaulets, a soldier's
overcoat. A political agitator?
Comrade Cossacks!
Our train is not going any farther.
We'll unload here.
- Right?
- Right.
Good afternoon, Cossacks!
Kerensky's and Bolshevik agents
are hindering
the movement of our
troop trains.
We've got the order
of Commander-in-chief
ln case it's impossible
to go by railway,
we should march
on Petrograd!
We start today!
Get ready for detraining!
Comrade Cossacks!
l'm here from the

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