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l'd love to have a bath!
All you lack is a boiler. More than
enough water in our dugout.
lt's too damp, men, too damp.
You must count your blessings,
here in the marsh we're safe.
Other sectors are fighting, and
we hardly spend a cartridge a week.
Better to be fighting
than rotting here.
We're burning to do battle!
Are you burning to do battle,
Me? Eight diamonds.
l'm burning to play clubs.
We Cossacks won't be sent
against the enemy.
Why not?
What are we for, then?
When unrest sets in at the front,
and this is inevitable,
for the men are getting fed up
with the war,
the Cossacks will be sent
to crush the mutineers.
You're talking nonsense.
Why nonsense?
Because nonsense is nonsense.
You get carried away, my dear. How do
you know there's unrest in the offing?
Let's suppose something different.
The Allies crush the Germans, the war
is brought to a victorious end.
What role do you assign the Cossacks
lt doesn't look like
a victorious end.
l've just come back from leave.
What's going on in Petrograd?
ls the capital roaring?
Yes, it is.
Nothing good.
There's a food shortage.
Hunger and discontent
in the workers' districts.
The war won't end well for us.
What do you think, gentlemen?
What we think?
We think, six spades.
- Pass.
- Six clubs.
Here. You devil!
The Russo-Japanese war
sparked the 1905 revolution.
This war will culminate
in another revolution.
And civil war.
Attention, gentlemen!
Cornet Bunchuk
will be delivering now
his Social-Democratic prophesies.
Playing the fool? Well, everyone
follows his own calling.
l'm surprised to find,
such characters in our
officers' corps.
Maybe you even want to see us
defeated in this war?
Me? Yes, l'm for defeat.
That's too much!
Whatever your political
convictions are,
but to wish defeat for one's country
id treason!
Just a minute!
lt's dishonorable for any
decent man!
Wait, Kalmykov.
Let's say we're defeated.
What then?
You may be certain that
tsarism will be destroyed.
- What is it?
- A message from Colonel Shiryaev.
Give it to me.
You can go.
We're summoned to the colonel,
Our commiseration.
- All of us?
- All of us.
Another disposition
with possible execution.
l believe we'll be ordered
into the fray.
God bless you, brothers!
Good luck! Onward!
They're holding their fire
till we come nearer.
l feel afraid today,
and l'm not ashamed of it.
What do you say, we turn back?
lt's like when you're gambling: no
confidence in yourself, you're lost.
You look yellow today.
Either you're sick
or a bullet will find you today.
Company, follow me!
At a trot, forward march!
They're using gas!
Stop! Stop!
They're using gas!
Hold onto the stirrup!
Bastard! Come back!
Come back, bastard!
Go to hell, everybody!
Don't ride so fast!
l'm out of breath!
Not so fast, for Christ's sake!
Get on.
My boot is full of blood.
Grishka, when we were attacking
Do you hear, Grigory?
ln today's battle, l shot at you
from behind three times.
God has saved you.
Now you've saved my life.
Thank you.
Still l can't forgive you for
Aksinya. My heart won't.
- Don't you force me to.
- l'm not forcing you.
There it is.
What's the matter, Melekhov?
Grigory Panteleyevich!
They gave us the heat!
Fools! lt serves you right!
This people is a bitch! Even worse!
Only when they're bleeding to death,
will they understand what's what.
What do you mean?
The smart one knows, and nothing in
the world will make the fool get it.
- Did you pledge allegiance?
- Go to hell...
- Grigory...
- Are you alive?
- Answer me.
- l'm alive.
l guess our hut has tumbled down?
No, why tumble down?
lt stands alright.
How are our neighbours,
the Melekhovs, doing?
They're doing alright.
Did Pyotr come for leave?
No, l guess not.
And Grigory? Their Grigory?
Grishka was here
after Christmas.
His wife had twins this year.
Grigory came because of his

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