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Go, go!
What's this?
On whose orders?
Lances and sabers at the ready!
Hey, why are you standing?
l've come to see you, Aksinya.
What do you want?
May l have some water?
Go ahead, drink.
You stole my husband.
Give Grigory back to me.
You've ruined my life.
See what l look like?
You want your husband?
You want your husband?
You viper!
Whom did you come to ask?
You took Grishka away from me!
lt was you, not me!
You knew he was living with me.
Why did you marry him?
l just took back what was mine.
l have a child by him, and you?
You want to take father from the child?
You left your husband...
Don't shout...
Grishka is my only husband.
l got no one else in the whole world!
You think he needs you?
Look at your twisted neck!
He dropped you when you were fine.
You think he will want a cripple?
You'll never get Grishka!
And that's that. Go away!
You think l had any hope
that you agree?
- Why did you come then?
- Out of anguish.
Oh, God... forgive me...
Have mercy...
Don't take her, O Lord!
Welcome back, master.
Oh, thank God... thank God.
May the little angel
rest in peace.
You should go and look, Aksinya.
Maybe they need something.
The young master has arrived.
Alexeyev? No, it can't be.
l don't believe it.
But it is so anyway.
ln this case, the Supreme Commander
was wrong.
Here's a similar example
from the Russo-Japanese war.
Dinner is served.
- Her baby died.
- Oh, really?
So, a similar example
from the Russo-Japanese war.
Kuropatkin did press his case then,
he insisted,
but life proved him wrong.
Hello, Aksinya.
- Who's there?
- lt's me.
Wait till l dress.
Don't, l'm here just for a minute.
You have lost your daughter...
Yes, l have.
You have changed.
And no wonder,
with such a sorrow to bear.
Only you shouldn't torture yourself
so. You can't bring her back.
You're still young,
you will have other children.
Don't do it.
Take yourself in hand.
After all, not everything is lost
with the death of your child.
You have your whole life before you!
Why are you tossing and turning,
So you say we're sent to death
for the sake of the rich?
What about the people?
Don't people understand it?
ls there no one
who would come out and say:
What do you mean, come out?
Are you crazy?
Come out...
l would like to see you come out.
Look, we're whispering now, but
if you yell, you'll get the bullet.
The people is in somber drowsiness.
But the war will awaken them.
Dark clouds will turn to rain
after a thunderstorm...
What do we do, then? Say it, bastard!
You turned my heart upside down.
What does your heart tell you?
l don't understand.
lf you push me down the cliff,
l'll push you.
We must turn our guns against one
who sends people into this hell.
Remember, Grisha, a great force is
rising, it will crush everything.
You mean, turn everything upside down?
We must throw down the power,
like dirty pants.
We must skin the landlords,
tear them apart,
for they have tormented the people
Go to the ward. Check everything,
Take your places.
Lay him down, lay him down.
your lmperial Highness!
This way, please,
your lmperial Highness.
Please. He's a Don Cossack,
holder of St. George cross.
From what Cossack village?
From Vyoshenskaya,
your lmperial Highness.
What did you get your cross for?
You see... l need to go out,
a call of nature...
Call of nature,
your lmperial Highness.
Number one.
Please, proceed to the next ward,
your lmperial Highness.
- You scoundrel!
- Don't scoundrel me, bastard!
You all hiding in the rear!
Send me home!
We will!
Go to the devil!
Oh, you recognized me...
Granddad Sashka! Are you asleep?
Holy father! Grishka!
Where did you come from?
What a dear guest!
Sit down. Let's have a smoke.
How are you getting on, granddad?
Still trampling dirt?
l'm trampling it alright.

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