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- Are you crazy?
Go away, damn you!
How the earth can tolerate you?
lt tolerates me all right,
never stirring.
The roads are so bad, my love.
lt was so bumpy that Getko
felt it with all his guts!
Live alone.
Grigory Melekhov.
Good afternoon.
Hello, father.
Getting ready for military service?
l sure am.
- Take your things off, father.
- l'm all right as l am.
- We'll put the samovar on.
- Thanks.
l've brought you clothes
and a saddle.
Take it. lt's all there.
When do you go?
The day after Christmas.
- A Cossack?
- A girl.
So pretty, looks just like Grisha.
Our breed... Just look at her!
Are you going already, father?
l'm in a hurry.
So you won't go back to your wife?
We've already discussed that.
- So you won't?
- No, that's settled.
What about God?
Are you sure...
you're not rearing another's child?
Another's or not,
l won't abandon it.
Natalya has crippled herself.
How is she?
She cut a tendon,
now her neck is twisted.
We'll take Natalya in. She doesn't
want to live with her folks.
l saw her the other day,
and invited her to live with us.
ln the village of Olshansky...
Grisha, someone's knocking on the door.
Don't worry about your wife.
Be a good soldier.
Your grandfather was a fine Cossack.
Be worthy...
Be worthy of him
and your father.
Wasn't it your father
who won first prize for trick riding
at the Emperor's review in 1883?
Yes, sir!
Don't drive too fast
at the fork, Prokofyich,
l toppled over there
only yesterday.
- Already drunk again!
- lt doesn't take long for him.
- Get in the sledge.
- No, l'll go on horseback.
Wait, Grisha!
l wanted to say something...
Well, goodbye.
Take care of the child.
l must go. See how far father's
got already.
Wait, my love...
- Good luck, Cossack!
- Goodbye, granddad.
July 18, 1914
- Shall l give you a hand?
- No, l'll manage.
Natalya dear,
l want to tell you something...
Come on, tell me.
Yesterday Mishka Koshevoy
stood with me all evening.
- Why are you blushing?
- Not at all.
Look in the mirror -
just like a fire.
Because you put me to shame.
All right, l won't. Tell me.
<< You're so beautiful,>> he says.
l say: <>
But he crossed his heart.
Who are these people?
- l don't know.
- Where are they going?
Stand up, please. You're under arrest.
What's the matter?
- You occupy two rooms?
- Yes.
We'll make a search.
Give me the key to this chest.
What's the reason for this,
Mister lnvestigator?
We'll talk about it later.
Witness, do it!
- Please.
- No, l don't smoke that brand.
Please, begin interrogation.
Did you come here on your
organization's instructions?
What are you talking about?
For how long have you been
a member of the RSDRP?
Here's the paper from Rostov
that confirms your membership
in that party.
Since 1907.
Were you getting any directives
from Rostov?
Have you read that book
to the workers who visited you?
We read verses.
You read books
banned by the law.
Osip Davydovich!
Let's wait till the heat abates.
Oh, God, how l would love
to have a swim now.
Somebody's coming!
- He's riding hard!
- Raising a lot of dust.
- He can override the horse.
- Galloping like crazy.
- ls it war?
- Oh, my goodness!
lf you see Grigory,
tell him how it is...
lt's war...
Board the cars!
- Going, eh?
- Join us, Granddad!
Oh, my dear beef!
- Where to, boys?
- To a christening.
Shut up!
Aren't you afraid, Melekhov?
Why should l be?
We may go into battle today.
So what?
And l'm afraid.
Couldn't sleep last night.
They're firing.
Like boys do against a palisade
with a stick.
Shut up, chatterbox.
Where's the captain?
You were ordered to finish the work
yesterday. Shut up!
You should have brought
the building material up sooner.
Shut up!
How will l cross over now?
l'm asking you:
how will l cross over?
- What do you want?
- What will be your


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