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said to our sergeant:
And l hung his portrait over
my bed in memory of him.
He was with a white beard, a solid
man, sort of a merchant.
The lieutenant saw the portrait,
and asks me:
l say <>.
He began to scold me,
and even hit me in the jaw.
<> he goes, <>
- l forgot the name.
- Karl Marx.
Right! That's him.
He got me into hot water,
son of a bitch!
Tsarevich Alexei himself drops in
by our barrack with his teachers.
What if they saw it?
What would happen then?
And you keep praising peasants.
See how they grounded him?
But we did drink on that ten.
lf even for that bearded Karla,
but we were drinking for 3 days!
He deserves drinking for him.
What was it so good that he did?
Oh, l'll tell you...
l'll tell you that by all means.
But now it's getting late.
Good night, Osip Davydovich.
l'll stay with you a day or two.
- Aren't you going back home?
- No.
How are you going to live?
How to live?
Like other people do.
Different people live differently.
Come on in.
Sit down. Let's have supper.
Yes, Grisha...
People live differently.
lt won't be easy, you're not used
to it.
l'll get used.
Where do you plan to go?
Tomorrow l'll go to Sergey
lf not, then to General Listnitsky's.
Want to become a farm-labourer?
Come on, Grisha...
You're not a farm-labourer.
You won't make much
doing that.
Watch out, your pride
may show itself.
- What is it?
- lt's Grishka!
He wants you to go to the store
as soon as it gets dark.
Hush, Mashutka.
What else did he say?
He said for you
to take your things along.
Oh, God...
What shall l do?
l didn't think it'd be so soon...
What do l do?
All right, l have to go.
Tell him l'll come soon.
- What did she want?
- Who?
Masha Koshevaya.
She asked me to cut out
a skirt for her.
Are you going out?
l'll go to Anikusha's for awhile.
When will be the end of it?
Playing cards again all night!
Now, now, don't nag.
And don't wait up for me.
Oh, God...
Oh, Grisha...
Wait a minute.
Why wait?
We have to hurry.
- Wait, Grisha...
- What's the matter?
l have a pain.
l lifted heavy things today.
All right, let's go.
You don't even ask where l'm taking
you? Maybe l'll push you into a hole?
lt's all the same to me.
l've gone too far.
Why is the door wide open?
General Listnitsky's estate
How are you getting on, Aksinya?
Very well, thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- What do you want, Getko?
- lt's from Natalya.
Grigory Panteleyevich!
Tell me how l am to live,
whether my life is done or not.
l thought you would come back,
but l'm not trying to part you two.
Have pity and write,
then l shall know what to think,
for l'm now neither here nor there.
Do not be angry with me, Grisha,
for the love of Christ. Natalya.
- What was he sitting there for?
- l don't know.
He just came in and sat like that.
Look, Grisha.
With his knee so pointed.
- You been charming him?
- What do l need him for?
Watch out,
or l'll push him from the porch.
l won't leave you at home any more.
You'll ride out with me.
Come on, Grisha...
What's the matter?
Why didn't you tell me before?
l was afraid you'd leave me.
How soon?
Somewhere the summer.
ls it Stepan's?
And where's?..
Drunk already, you good-for-nothing?
Go and sleep it off.
The mass is over.
Don't spoil him.
Don't let him play!
Farewell, General!
Don't hurt yourself!
People say Natalya Korshunova
got a hernia.
Stop babbling.
- That's why her husband dropped her.
- No, she messed up with his father.
Ah, that's why Grishka
ran away from home.
Why else?
- Why?
- Because...Think what you're saying.
Pining for Grishka?
- What is it to you?
- l want to lighten you up.
- Go away, Mitka.
- Come on, Natalya.
- l'm going to call

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